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Found 32 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Built my own custom Organ Hex Layer Tone using all 6 Hex Layers. Basically combined several Organ Tones (plus a Voice) and edited the pitch and filter sections heavily. This is my own sound, not trying to be another sound, just a decent cool organ for pads mostly. This is a tone, so can create Stage setting with other 3 zones to add strings, piano or anything else.
  2. Bay's Organ View File Built my own custom Organ Hex Layer Tone using all 6 Hex Layers. Basically combined several Organ Tones (plus a Voice) and edited the pitch and filter sections heavily. This is my own sound, not trying to be another sound, just a decent cool organ for pads mostly. This is a tone, so can create Stage setting with other 3 zones to add strings, piano or anything else. Submitter Walt from NC Submitted 04/27/2017 Category Organs  
  3. Hi everybody, As new as I am with the PX-5s I don't find much on the net about the possibilities when connected to an Ipad. I bought aleady the USB to lightning connector , but I am very curious what I can do with my Ipad air. I suppose I can use it as a controller , so then what software do I use and how ? Is it possible to use th Ipad as a editor ? What about the midi sounds available on iTunes , are they compatible and do I need to install anything extra on the Ipad. Any suggestions are very welcome ! Greetings from Belgium. Henri p.s. I support Jim Alfredson's Theo project :
  4. Hi everyone! I need your help because I'm not able to set the PX5s as I want. Basically, in my Yamaha Motif's SONG I have programmed 3 channels in which the channel 2 is totally played by my Motif, the channel 1 is totally played by PX5s and channel 3 is layered with channel 1 on the PX5s but I would like that the CH 3 is enabled when I increase the slider number 1. I think that it's possible, but how can I do it? Thanks! Francesco
  5. Hi People! I recently purchased a PX5S and love this forum along with the Facebook page. It's been a huge help getting started. I am learning my way around, and finally starting to get the whole stage setting thing. I have a question. I have read that I can use a specific stage setting... say 1-0, that be be completely for MIDI and control MainStage. I was using MainStage before buying this keyboard, using a simple MIDI controller, and it was plug and play... very easy and never had to worry about MIDI channels or any of that. I am a complete idiot when it comes to MIDI, and would like someone to explain specifically in detail, how to set a stage setting so that I can jump to that, and have control of my MainStage concerts and patches using all the sliders and knobs on the PX5S. Again, I am new and don't know much about MIDI, so if you can, please give me step by step, or point me to where that step by step process exists. So far, I have not even got into any editing of stage settings, other than I know how to change tones. I use USB for the MIDI and have a Pre-Sonus Interface along with a Macbook Pro. I did find the download for the PX5S layout, and that's awesome. I just don't know how to set my PX5S to use it for MainStage. Thanks in advance for all the excellent and wise advice from all you experts out there in Casio Land. J-MO
  6. Used the Symphony stage on the PX5S. Inspiration hit me for a little improvisation. Bugs are bugs they don't all look pretty but when they fly its like a small symphony.
  7. Good morning everybody I am a truly satisfied owner of a Casio px5s. For the first time since I've bought it, now I would like to use its phrase recorder. My aim is to record a simple phrase with a pad sound, so that I can use it as a loop and starting an improvisation with another instrument (from another keyboard). Well, I saw one of the providential Mike Martin's clinic where Mike explained how to do that, in fact I think I understood the theory. My problem is, if I do the same with a wonderful pad (such as, let's say, "Rainy dayz"- a Stage setting with two zone active -the first is a pad, the second a simple base with arpeggio) the phrase recorder will rec only zone 1 (the pad part) leaving me without the arpeggio part, and I found no way to record zone 2. Is it possible to rec it concurrently with zone 1? If not, how can I overdubt it in a second moment? In a sentence, my problem is that I am able to use phrase recorder only with zone 1. Many thanks tho everyone who'll help me and sorry for my english if I did some mistakes.
  8. To learn more about how an hexlayers is constructed I've chosen the preset "Rainy Dayz". Rainy Dayz is build around 1 hexlayer on zone 1 and a synth bass on zone 2. I've disabled zone 2 and dive in the hexlayers to examine it by turning all layers to off except the first layer. Layer one is an ReedOrgan tone but in this hexlayer it sounds more like an swirly string so went and turn all attacks, decay , release down. Did it with Pitch , Filter and AMP. Wanting to know what made ReedOrgan sound like a swirly string there was no change. So I checked the DSP nothing different, Switched from ReedOrgan a tone back you'll get PipeOrgan2 it sounded like that not swirling string like and went back to ReedOrgan. Now that was different the ReedOrgan tone didn't sound so stringy anymore. So I've reset the hexlayer to its origin and turned off everything except layer one I got the swirly string tone with ReedOrgan so I changed ReedOrgan to PipeOrgan2 and back. the swirly string tone was gone. How and what parameter changed ReedOrgan so much that I can't reconstruct it back. What I want to know is how that was done in the hexlayer from Rainy Dayz cause I can't figure it out.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    List of the Mike Martin alternate order organized by type for the PX-5S.
  10. PX-5S Alternate Order Stage Setting List View File List of the Mike Martin alternate order organized by type for the PX-5S. Submitter thebounty Submitted 09/13/2016 Category PX-5S Other  
  11. I was doing some waveform browsing to create an hexlayer, And something stroke me a bit odd while auditioning the waveforms that is some are duplicate or just similar but shifted an octave up or down Have not noticed that before because I've not auditioned all wave previous then just skimming through them until now Some of the waves are the same waves but shifted and octave apart. Like orchit1 and 2 or some of the lead and pad sound sound similar but with a tiny distinction in their wave nuance. Half of the waves have their own unique sonic to them except the waves that sounds like duplication of the previous waves. I can only think something did not mapped right seeing I've updated PX5S twice but I do not know for sure if anyone else has this also.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    I"m slowly getting into the px5s if there would be 30 levels to reach fully understanding of the synth part then I am at level 1.
  13. The Journey Begins View File I"m slowly getting into the px5s if there would be 30 levels to reach fully understanding of the synth part then I am at level 1. Submitter XW-Addict Submitted 04/17/2016 Category Synths, Pads, Arpeggios and more
  14. line in

    I have created a stage setting that has piano in Zone 1. And an external module (Roland VK8m) that is connected to Line In and controlled by Zone 2. I want to be able to switch back and forth and also be able to blend the 2 instruments. I'm currently controlling the volume of each on Sliders 1 & 2. The problem is that I hear a tiny bit of the external module all the time, even when Slider 2 (cc11) is all the way down. Is there a way to access the Line In volume via a Stage Setting? Perhaps then I could really turn off the sound from the module.
  15. Please i need help can anyone tell how to save a custom stage setting and then load it.
  16. I am trying to understand how to set the arpeggio function to only play certain keys, I want to set the bottom half of the PX5S keys to use the arpeggio function and can't seem to figure this out. I have held down the arpeggio button and went to those settings but I can't find anywhere to set the parameter for only a certain section of keys. Thank you
  17. I've recorded this video in order to test the sound of the PX-5s. In this video, I use my own stage setting specially designed for my speakers (not monitors). The bass has been reduced and the treble has been enhanced. I also use the Piano DSP. It will feel like a real world-class grand piano if you don't see the pictures. (The video is NOT clipped.)
  18. Long story short there are two GM Piano's in the PX5S, And three in the XW-G1 and let it be that I get a kick out of GM Piano 3 from the G1 which I was looking for in the PX5S for which there was none. The possibility to get close to a CP-ish piano is in that third GM Piano 3 as the tone numbering on the G1 is a bit odd with the GM piano's 1 to 3. I've found that GM HonkyTonk comes after GM Piano 2. I've got the similar thing once with slap guitar 2 on the G1 and that nicely got resolved so if Casio would not mind and have that GM Piano 3 in place of the GM Piano 2 or have it added as GM Piano 3 I for one would be an happy camper. GM Piano 3 is the one sound finalizing it nicely.
  19. Jamming with PX5S and XW-G1 The first from Berlin the second I don't remember from which band It just sprung out while I was jamming a beat. Take My Breath Away. Familiar Tune For Which I've Forgot The Name From Familiar Tune Which I forgot The Name From.MP3 Take My Breath Away.MP3
  20. No fuss 3 chilling patterns a lowsub solosynth an organ a timpani. Sample a kick ass bit to switch in between works pretty darn good that sampler. After I've finished it lay on the couch with a cold one let the sun do its work while I sit enjoy the good springtime feeling doing nutting. It isn't played 100% so I've called it Out-Off-Sync a well I'm still chilling. Edit (redone it because it was to soft)
  21. All, My PX5S is on it's way (should have it tomorrow) many thanks to the community for all the excellent advice! The road to my purchase started with the Tim Praskins review "What if you could get a nice tasty sizzling hot steak for the price of a basic hamburger?" Since reading his review, I've watched several videos and spent hours reading blogs. The efforts of Mike Martin, BradMZ, and the rest of the PX5S community convinced me that I "need" to get my hands on one. My old keyboard served me well. It is a DGX 505. I am a gigging drummer, and the 505 was great for house parties and learning the basics. The PX5S might be a bit of a step up! Thanks again, and keep those Stage Settings coming! God bless ... and to all a good night!
  22. Hi all I have a request about new stuff put in the download tab, You all have great patches in the make and set them up for download and that is super however there is a volume of releases exceeding the overall view over them where it is easy to loose track from. Like if you post 1 or 4 patches that is oversee-able but when its over that amount it really hard to pick a good one out. If there is a special theme to you're patches bundle them together in a zip file together with a txt/pdf list of the sound. This way if you also do want to update the patches you don't have to individually access each patches and upload them again, which I think would be a daunting task if you have several of them. I hope this rings along as a good idea for you're next patches, There are already a good few packages maintained this way. Regards XW-Addict - Color Is Nature Emotion -
  23. Something different each day they say people with eclectic taste mix allot stuff around,l do and try them on the keyboard. For you're (ahem) enjoyment La Guitara This a step sequence I've been working on (still) its a demo of the 8 patterns I normally succeed creating four
  24. I have had my PX5S for about 45 days and am noticing a buzzing in the GrPnoCOncert sound between Bb2-E2. This is noticeable in any Stage setting it is used. Is this part of the sample or is keyboard defective?
  25. Hi. There is a way to hear sounds before downloading ?