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Found 21 results

  1. I am trying to figure out how to do the supposedly easy record and the manual takes me around in circles. Can someone explain simply how to record one track then another over the first, etc?
  2. I just acquired the Casio wk6600 thinking I could easily record tracks. The manual is inadequate and confusing. Can someone walk me through the process of recording 16-bar long "songs" with drums, guitar, bass, piano and horns? I have multiple questions about this but will wait till someone can get me started with the basic recording of multiple tracks using different instruments.
  3. Ceter Cancel on the MZ X 500

    Ok I'm having an issue understanding how to use the Center Cancel function. I have recorded my wave file and I've loaded it on to the flash drive. I inserted the flash drive into the MZ X500. It will play the file. I push Center Cancel and It appears to start playing the file again but I can't hear anything? I go back and hit play again and it just plays it through again however nothing has changed. What steps am I missing to get it to Center Cancel on a selected wave file?? I'm sure there is a simple step i'm missing here but any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Iv'e notice something which seems odd to me actually I don't understand it at all. It considers sampling and the use of the equalizers I've notice the change made realtime if using the low , mid , mid2, high EQ as movement with the phrase sequencer it won't get recorded in the sampler but if you play the sample and phrase sequencer the effect of movement gets played. This make the EQ seems as a global function and can't be routed independently or recorded into the XW sampler. Also the case when used in performance the value's can still be the last one used when switching from performance to performance I'm curious if anyone has some insight if the EQ is at the end of the output of things.
  5. I want to know is there a way to record this keyboard in built rythems and playing over them while connected to PC using mixcraft 7 , ableton live 9 . Also is there a way to import these rythems onto these softwares , which can later be added to to existing projects ??
  6. Saving recorded Song

    I am a complete newbie to this. I purchased a CTK 7300 IN and have three questions: 1. When i play and save a recording on my SD card and open it in my computer the quality is pathetic. It sound like an alien playing music 2. How do i save my startup settings as i want touch to be disabled on my keyboard when i restart and it keeps enabling it everytime 3. Is there a way to transferring high quality mp3 to my phone or mac from CTK to share with others? Jay
  7. Help! Can't record to my Macbook

    I have a Casio Privia PX160 and I'm trying to record the audio (not MIDI) to my Macbook Pro 13". Unfortunately, I haven't been successful. At first, I tried connecting a simple male-to-male auxiliary cable from the headphone port in the Casio to the dual headphone/mic port in the computer. This kind of worked, but the cable ended up recording BOTH the sound of the piano and the ambient sounds in the room—I hadn't realized that the cable had a tiny built-in mic that was picking up sound! I discovered online that because the Macbook Pro 13" has a dual headphone/mic port, it can be tricky to get the computer to recognize an external audio source. I read that I needed a TRRS (i.e., three-ring) aux cable to get the job done. Sadly, I tested the new cord today and it didn't record any audio at all—not the ambient sounds in the room nor the sounds of the piano—because my Macbook didn't recognize the Casio as an "external mic" like it was supposed to. Any ideas?? The simple aux-to-aux approach really SHOULD work, so I'm reluctant to buy any new equipment (splitters, audio interfaces, etc).
  8. Recently purchased wk6600 , i want to know how do i send the recorded file on my keyboard to the external sd card inserted ?? Second how do i connect it to my laptop ? Usb Connector ? where can i find one ?? Third- What is meant by fine tuning option ?? its fine tuned on C... how does it affect what i play ??
  9. Hi guys Need some help please! I'm using the Casio WK 7600 and want to know if there's a way to record an entire song using the song sequencer function? At the moment I can only record 4 bars worth of melody but I don't know how to make this longer. All I need to do is record a simple baseline that's repeated throughout the whole song and record a melody over this. I'm wondering whether I need to loop the four bar baseline and then record a melody over this baseline? Just don't know how to do this! Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you 😊
  10. Hello, I've recently buyed a Privia PX-150, and I am very satisfied with it. I want to connect it to Nuendo 5, but I don't know how to do it. I want only to record music as MIDI files, not so much. Sorry for my english I really appreciate your help
  11. I've been looking at options to have a quality live recording of audio from the PX-5S appear in a DAW, like Garage Band or Logic Pro X. This will be connected to a Macbook Pro Retina, if it matters. Has anyone looked into the Presonus Audiobox iTwo? It sounds, no pun intended, like it's up to the job, but I haven't found any reference to people using it with a keyboard. Unbundled, it can be found for about $160 US on Amazon. One review: http://en.audiofanzine.com/external-audio-interface/presonus/audiobox-itwo/editorial/reviews/mac-pc-or-ios-this-interface-has-you-covered.html Downloads: http://www.presonus.com/support/downloads/AudioBox-iTwo-Studio Two concerns: - Can it accept the line outs from the PX-5S (TRS vs)? - Does it only work with the Presonus DAW (includes the crippled 'Artists' version)? Ideally you connect the MIDI input/output and the line output from the PX-5S to the unit, USB to the computer, the output connects to your speakers, and everything plays nicely together. Has anyone tried it? Thanks. Peter
  12. New PX-5S user here, and I understand the basics (ie. Zone/tones, stage settings, editing and saving changes etc...) but now trying to figure out how to record a song and the Tutorial Manual is crazy to read. Can any one explain in basic english, steps how to record a song using the up to 8 tracks each on 10 user songs on the internal storage? Maybe this is easy once you've done it bunch of times, but I'm trying not to drag out my 8 track tascam out of frustration...once a song is recorded in the internal storage, how can you edit it and later transfer it to either a connected USB drive or directly to a MAC (or PC)? Much appreciated in advance. I'm an acoustic pianist w. little digital exp.
  13. I have a Casio Privia PX-5S and I have a 3/4 inch going from my keyboard to my audio interface to go into my mac which I use Logic. When I play on it, the sound peaks even when my volume knob on my keyboard is turned half way. I have to turn it down quite a bit to get rid of any peaking but the piano is so silent, I might as well not have it in any of my music. But when I play live and I'm all plugged into the system, it doesn't peak at all. Any tips on what I should do with this? Any help would be awesome! Thanks! -Clint
  14. Hey Everyone, I've recently purchased a G1 with very limited knowledge of the product. I was wondering how to record a track let's say on channel one then record something different on channel 2 and keep doing that. Every time I switch the channel when I enter the mixer button, my recording switches onto the next channel. Channels 8-16 seems to be a default drum tracks / bass for the step sequencing. Not sure how to utilize channels 2-7 when the song is looping. Please explain like I'm 5 as this is my first synth I'm using. Thanks, Sadcowsgomoo
  15. Hey Everyone, I've recently purchased a G1 with very limited knowledge of the product. I was wondering how to record a track let's say on channel one then record something different on channel 2 and keep doing that. Every time I switch the channel when I enter the mixer button, my recording switches onto the next channel. Channels 8-16 seems to be a default drum tracks / bass for the step sequencing. Not sure how to utilize channels 2-7 when the song is looping. Please explain like I'm 5 as this is my first synth I'm using. Thanks, Sadcowsgomoo
  16. A fairly quick query here to anyone who records the drums from an XW (P1 and G1) onto a multi-track recorder/ DAW. I'm am slowly working on and getting ready to record some of my compositions. As I am playing every part (or programming every part), multi-tracking is a godsend. I've done some rough demos by recording the XW step sequencer drums (looping the 16 steps) directly to my DAW (using the stereo 1/4" out leads), and then manually playing additional melodies/ parts as part of the multi-track process. However, one thing I would like to do, as I did when I recorded with bands in the past, is to record the drums to individual tracks (i.e. bass drum - track 1, snare - track 2, high hat - track 3 etc.) Plus, I'm not sure whether to program my DAW (Cubase) to trigger the drums via MIDI, or program the XW's internal step sequencers and have them clocked by the DAW. Having each drum sound on an individual track will give greater control when mixing, though as the XW only has a stereo audio out it isn't possible to have individual outs per drum as per some of the more powerful drum machines. Plus my DAW only as 2 x inputs anyway! Therefore I am assuming I should record the drums one at a time when recording a programmed pattern? A couple of the demos that I've done, the XW drums sound surprisingly good when just recorded onto a stereo track. However, I'm concerned that if I start building the tracks up more I will need more flexibility with panning individual drums sounds, changing individual volume levels and adding compression/ effects etc. later on. Then again, bands like the John Foxx era Ultravox used the Roland TR77 on their track "Hiroshima Mon Amour" to great effect, and that only had a single line out for the whole drum machine. How do other XW users program and record their XW drum tracks? Do you use the step sequencers on the XW's, or do you use your DAW to trigger the drum sounds of the XW's? And do you just record all the drums in one go as a stereo track, or do you record each drum to its own track on the recorder/ DAW? Any advice would be gratefully received.
  17. Hi, I'm sorry, if I have overlooked the answer here in the forum, but I have the following problem: I want to MIDI record the Solo Synth to a DAW together with the real-time manipulation (with the knobs 1-4). If I play a note, there is a MIDI signal being sent to the PC with the DAW, but the use of the knobs (e.g. "Cutoff" with knob 1) does not send any MIDI signal to the PC. And I checked any MIDI setting I could find, but no success. Any idea? Thank you in advance. reuel
  18. There is a 16 track recorder in PX 350. A very powerful feature. Is there a way to control the volume levels of indivudual tracks? For eg. the if I want to use the organs (which ate not touch sensitive), the volume of that track is too high in the mix.
  19. I'm lazy with recording stuff and am not so good with the sequencer on the XW-G1. Its not that difficult to sequence on the G1 but some stuff don't go that easily get to work with. To be honest making a beat on the G1 is easy with a bass loop and such the other stuff isn't because recording is different on the G1 when you do chords. I use my Boss micro Br for recording my music the Boss and G1 are hooked on an MG02C mixer it does the job but not as sweet and likable like the performance patches on the G1. I'm recently taking courses playing the key's better I'm not a good pianist keep tempo and such a good ear hears the mistakes in my recordings. You can hear it with "Get ready" I went nuts on that using the dsp on each drum part and recorded the organs over it for the complete sample loop. Then I recorded in one take the whole sequence, once you hear what the G1 does your on a role. The second track I did three snares to accompany a kind of vibe groove thing.I love to create music that is so different that you listen to it over and over and over again. I have that with the G1 seriously I love all my synths, Have an Korg mw1 also sequencing on it is a breeze I use some software synth to but when I record something I only use "1" synth and all of its capability's alone. I do not use Cubase or Ableton as of yet. What I want is to learn how to sequence better I've watched the vids about the step sequencer they are O.k but not to sound like a nag I need to do it better meaning. When I record a drumbeat can it with different dsp effects , When I change an instrument like the bass will all the edited parameters be in the sequence. Does the equalizing apply to all parts of instrument sequencing. TWO SONGS. I've added two of my recording which I made today 22-9-2013, its all G1 again sampled a drumloop on the looper (love it)using performance patches and recorded all the other in one live take on the Boss micro br. You can find them on the share your music section. The first song called "Natures Colors" I wanted to visualize a flower that opens up in the morning the sky turn from night to day and back again the wind that blows the sea that waves everything nature. Used for that song a few perfomance mode patches like Pop Lead, Groovekit ,Space ,Summer chill. tweaked it with the magic of the four assignable knobs love those. Everything comes from that except the drums patterns I used the looper for that.. The next song called "Stepping shoe's" same drumpattern on looper as with "Nature Colors" added VA synth for bass line, performance patch Reggae Mix and CityBrass my own creation which you can find on the forum ,Again tweaked with the knobs. I've used the DSP a bit to much as well on the mixer side as the on the instrument patches.
  20. I'm far from mastering my XW-G1, and I'm not a keyboard musician. Just cooked something here and wanted to share with you. All done in step sequencing, with addition of a few notes added during "performance/recording" into two channels of Reaper, with TASCAM US-1641 interface: Hephaestus's little tricks Warning! Very dark
  21. When I first purchased the keyboard, I was able to record vocals connecting the microphone via the T8 connection. Now all that records is the instrumental. I have tried reconnecting the mike like the manuals says to no avail. I have also reset to the default settings -- no such luck. Can anyone help. Can't figure out why it would work at first and now doesn't.