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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys/gals Apologies but I may be asking a stupid one here - haven't had my morning triple-shot coffee yet I recently had a go at loading and configuring guitar WAV samples and produced a "Hank Marvin Fender Strat guitar" tone to share (in downloads section). This seemed all reasonably straight forward using the sample manager software from Casio. I'd like to do a better job with some other sound samples I have. My question is: ...if I was doing the same but with WAV file samples of strings or organ (i.e. the sounds are sustained (looped)) how do I configure the actual loop part of the WAV so that the MZ plays continuously whilst the notes are held down? I have done this on my Korg as its in-built editor has this feature. Hope I'm making sense. I think Mike Martin may have done this with his "StringMachine" tone in the downloads..... Thanks Pete
  2. What's the problem with editing sample start/end points?
  3. Ive connected a mic and was wondering how and if I can sample my voice then play out on pads ? Also where can I download the samples from Ralph Maten below ?
  4. Sample Loop(s)

    Hi, i convert an old SF2 Sound to WAVE Sound and Import the Sound to the Samplemanager 1.1.0 . Is it possible to set a Looppoint to the Soundfile so as a SF2-File? (Startpoint - Looppoint - EOF) From the Wersi-Soundfile there is a Little demo in mp3. Hope you enjoy it. Karl-Heinz Wersi DB1.ztn Shakuachi.ztn shukari.ztn Wersi.mp3
  5. Resampling with Effects?

    I'm trying to resample the internal sounds of the XW-PD1 with effects but all it's recording is the dry signal. The only way I've been able to do this is by running a cable from headphone out to line in. This is really crude as I can't hear anything while recording and the levels are too low. According to the manual, the sampling point is before the effects chain for external sounds, and Block A of the effects are used for sampling internal sounds. This is really unfortunate as it limits the usefulness of resampling. Anyone know of a way to resample with effects without using the above workaround?
  6. Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing one of these keyboards (xw-g1). Based on what I read it will do what I want, but I want to be thorough. The main issue I'm wondering about has to do with the external input looping. So, can I plug a guitar or microphone up to the input and loop a "sample" from this source, like a looping pedal? Also, can I record samples/loops both from the external and on the keyboard itself without the pattern sequencer stopping? Thanks
  7. I dunno anymore how long I have the G1 maybe a year and a half but I'm so into it now, Totally grown with it musically it changed allot it gave me piano lessons for real and the step to buy an PX5S which I also feel the love from. In short I'm addicted to this thing, I always though making good music comes from the best instrument money can buy its true for a part but the best comes from inspiration and skills. Skills you can get buy practicing, Inspiration is just opening you're mind while you learn from the best. I'm glad there is an sample option so glad that I've made a whole lotta bunch of them I mean really this thing has sampling function to do near almost anything. Overdub is a great function I wish all Casio had them even the PX5S if that one would overdub the sky would be the limit. The thing is when you get experience with the sampling on the G1 you soon wish it could do this and that specially when it has synthesis on it and filters. Layering performance sounds on a sample track is what I do most but its something you can do once some times I wish to filter a part of an instrument while the sample plays usually I'm stacking four sounds which is a typical setup , drums , bass , melody and Fx sounds. But its asking to much so a work around is building the same sample loop a couple of time with different filters on different instrument sound. And program a patch to play on top within that patch assigning note to a key to each loop with multi-key but that is during breaks or drops to have it work smooth. Loading time is still an issue on this synth seems there isn't anything to do load them faster. All is good the force is strong in this one .
  8. So this happens you've created a fresh new sample being it a loop or sampled instrument on the G1, But all of you're banks are full or you don't know which one are and/or they could contain a sample you liked but have not saved them yet, You wish you knew and don't want to destroy the sample just made because it's cool and might not reproduce it that way. what to do O.o ?. Don't worry if you have not saved any of the sample bank or properly named them. While the upper screen shows "!temp". Press the menu select save, the bank used to sample to is select something like *U:8 Be aware if you're not in the save menu and select another bank the temp is lost. Bank "U:8" mean user bank 8 is the bank which is used for sampling at the moment. At this point don't worry about you're sample because its still in the temp, Use the down arrow key to point at the first character of the file "Untitled". Give it a file name loop1 , inst#3 or anything you want to name it. Press Enter, Choose yes and the file currently in U:8 will be saved. Press exit once to leave the save menu to go back to the looper menu but!. While in the looper menu with !temp on the screen press write to save you're sample be careful not to press exit more then once or you exit the looper menu also. Don't worry if you did press the looper button to return, If you switch mode or selected another tone performance etc you're sample will be lost. Now its save to do anything else, The sample bank holding a sample is saved on the SD card and the new sample created in the temp bank got saved to memory. Off course if all the bank where free or expandable you can save you're sample on any of them .
  9. If only it was on the engineers wish list side band filtering keeping tonality in a full spectrum and skew it however you wanted on the G1. Loop points can only do so much and so little you keep telling yourself aaaaah if only that would be sweet.
  10. https://soundcloud.com/clay-louis-petty/planet-zed-part-1-interstellar-travel XW-G1 is a though little one, Previous I would use anything in a patch or leave out stuff like DSP over control, Global reverb chorus and in combination with Solo synth. End result was quiet a muddy patch and Sseq over time I learned to get the best of parts of the G1 with much desirable result. I got this Planet Zed song setup as follow in performance I got a solo synth on channel 1, This Ssynth I use as sound fx using white noise in addition I've set arpeggio only to this zone. Then I used on zone 2 a VA synth and 3 has Sweep choir. And then I program a step sequence first in the sampler build that up to a nice groove and rebuild it again in Sseq. Try to figure out if you can hear the switch between Sample loop and Sseq pattern I'm switching between with.
  11. Can anyone tell me if the Casio WK-245 will store user made samples when powered down and what the maximum sampling time is for the unit? Thanks!!
  12. I have created all my arpeggios and am working on creating my phrases and tones/patches. It has been a while since I have created a music video so here is one I created and uploaded today of an EDM Live Jam sampling with XW-G1.
  13. I just uploaded a new video to YouTube, Tutorial XW-G1 Sampling EDM Live Jam Performance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AfM5zQFBQw
  14. I have had my XW-G1 for 2 weeks now. I have figured out how to do everything for my EDM electronic dance music performances to replace my Kaossilator Pro and microSAMPLER. If I can figure out how to do vocals with a vocoder robot voice I can replace my Kaoss Pad. I have not had a chance to check this post out on this forum yet but it sounds like the XW-G1 has the ability to do a robot voice: http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/4483-tlkbxrobot/ Here is my EDM live jam video with the XW-G1 sampling:
  15. Here is my EDM live jam video with the XW-G1 sampling and no effects