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Found 12 results

  1. CASIO SA-20 audio?

    Does anyone know of a resource where it is possible to download CASIO AS-20 audio files to use with a sampler?
  2. Hello everyone. My new song is here. (All of keyboard parts recorded by Casio XW-P1)
  3. Where Download new sounds and rhythms and Put any someone knows? i created a group about casio px360 if u wanna get in https://www.facebook.com/groups/1800562313557181/?fref=ts
  4. Hillsong sounds

    wassup guys,please help me,i have a xw-p1 and my band and i love play hillsong,but some hillsong songs have to many sounds that i have troubles to perfome,they are pads and synths;please help me to found or create thats sounds,thanks.some examples:
  5. Phaser strings

    Hi, i'm looking for a good 70' phaser strings for my px-5s, i tried different setup but none of these works well. i need this sound for some parts of moonflower by Santana, i think in the past they used an arp solina to do this sound. Any suggestion is welcome. Marco
  6. xw-p1

    is there anyway to load different sounds on the casio xw-p1
  7. Hello, Hope that all are having a great day. My questions involve how exactly to connect the privia px5s to an external sound module. 1) How would i connect the privia px5s to an external sound module? 2) How would I connect/ rig it to be able to control 4 channels of midi with the sliders or knobs? 3) Is there a way to trigger sounds from an external sound module and also use sounds from the casio privia 5s such as lets say i like the piano sound in the casio privia 5s on one song but on the next song i want to use my external sound module's fender rhodes sound? 4) If there is a way for number 3 , would there be a way to control sounds from the privia px 5s and the external sound module with the sliders like through midi zones or something ? like one slider control the privia px5s piano and another slider control the external sound modules brass, etc? I konw with all the technical questions you may say to just get a midi-controller and be done with it, but I really love privia px5s because i want something with sounds already in it for different situations and also just in case something would happen to my external sound module. I always try to be prepared for what ever situation. Im sorry for being too techincal though.. but defintily thank you for all the replies.. Much appreciated
  8. Hello, Mike. Hopefully you had a great holiday season and having a good day today, good sir.. I have been doing extensive research on this great stage piano and i must say that i am very very close to making a purchase. I've watched almost all of your videos and other musician's reviews/ demos on youtube for this keyboard and must say that it is defintiely a winner from what i've seen . However, I am curious about if this keyboard offers a "SINE WAVE LEAD" patch with portamento effect? and Does this keyboard have predominately the same sounds and architecture as the Casio XW-P1 like for example the bass sound.. ? And also, does casio offer a way to upload new "TONES" / "SOUNDS" into the keyboard such as with roland and yamaha like from casio's website?
  9. On my new PX-5s, which I have had for about a week, I am curious if I want to download a new sound or stage setting, especially some written or used by Mike Martin, will I have to replace a factory sound or stage setting? I suppose in the matter of stage settings in particular as there are 100 of them, to add a new one would mean taking the place of an existing one? Is so can I put sounds or stage settings on a USB drive for use directly from the drive or would they need to reside on board to use during a performance?
  10. Using the sounds of the PX-5S within a DAW

    Hello My name is Nikolaj and I'm new to this forum. I am very seriously considering purchasing the PX-5S, but I just have one question. I am a Pro Tools user and I am curious if I will be able to use the sounds of the keyboard within this DAW?? To clarify: I am aware that I will be able to record it as audio, but that's not really what I'm looking for since I would like to have the ability to quantize, remove wrong notes, change melody and stuff like that after I record it. And change tempo... I think I have made myself clear, and I hope that someone will be able to answer Have a good day! Regards Nikolaj
  11. Hey fellow keyboardist since I've started out to re-invent my musical skills on synthesizers I wondered where to start, It isn't easy to be a beginner in understanding sound wave's and soundscape building. So I always venture out to seek video's tutorials to help me out and all though those are fine starting points there always that little more basic you need to really understand stuff that go's on under the hood and how you can do it on you're own or rebuild the same sound you hear. The following weeks I'll review these books and what I learned so far if it really helped to become more quaint with the synth as a beginner. So here are my book tips of the month that might help some of you out a little. First book is 200 drum patterns for drum machine and because the XW synth has an formidable drum machine with an input style the like of the classic drum machine I though it to be a good starting point to expand and diversify on style and rhymes instead of re-inventing and work around to get an particular pattern. http://www.scribd.com/doc/33852257/200-Drum-Patterns-for-Drum-Machines http://www.amazon.co.uk/Two-Hundred-Drum-Machine-Patterns/dp/0881886327 Second book I crossed on several synth forum got my interest also because of the title, "Keyboard present steal that sound" now I know that most of us want to copy a sound we hear from some song we heard or know and that not always easy if you don't recognize the elements the sound is build up according to the reviews i've read its a series of articles from a magazine and soft synth are used to build the sounds the principle the same and can be used to all kind of synth thus the XW. This one I'm certainly going to review in the comming weeks here on the forum if some of you have these book in any kind of form please fill in you're experience. http://www.amazon.com/Keyboard-Presents-Steal-This-Sound/dp/1423492811
  12. My band usually wants me playing electric piano on blues...seems to fit with the otherwise guitar-driven sound we have. I REALLY wanted a gravelly Rhodes sound, but none of the eight electrics quite did it. So, I opted for the one that was most metallic and had the most dialed-in tremelo, the "60s electric piano". One night, I thought I broke my PX-330! We were doing a request: Joy To the World by Three Dog Night. The keyboard was mixed particularly quietly that night, so I found myself beating on it pretty hard. Yay, Casio, it takes the abuse. But my ears went into shock when I heard the perfect metallic clank of a properly played Rhodes - coming from my PX-330! But only for a few notes, then back to the more bell-like tones that are a poor sub. I immediately realized that the patch plays a completely different sample when you strike the keys hard. Not a more aggressive sounding version of the same sample, but it's as if they sampled two completely different instrumenst. Back home I explored it further and confirmed it. Seems that of the "layered" voices, there's one that doesn't fit the rest in that patch...and I wish it were the normal one. I experimented with the touch sensitivity, but no matter how sensitive I set it, my fingers/hands do not have the strength to reliablity coax that unusual sample out of the instrument. On the whole, I'd say the patch is defective. I'd love to see it always sound like a Rhodes, but second best would be always sound like the "60s electric piano" normally does. Is there a software upgrade for this kind of issue, or did I really break it? Thanks, Clums