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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there! Confession up front - I'm a MIDI newbie. I'm trying to get my iPad (Onsong app) to fire off MIDI commands to my PX-560M to change the following based upon the song I pull up: Tone (Upper/Lower 1&2) Split Point Levels I know the MIDI connection is working fine but the tone change command doesn't seem to do anything to the keyboard. Here's the steps that lead to the problem: 1. Set Onsong to Listen for MIDI commands 2. Change tone on keyboard --> Corresponding command shows up in Onsong (so it definitely receives ok) 3. Turn off MIDI "Listen" in order to do a Test 4. Manually change Tone to something elese on keyboard 5. Click "Test" in Onsong (which fires the same command back to the keyboard) --> Result: Nothing happens. When I do the same process, but with Playing a note as the command, the test is successful and Onsong is able to play the note back through the keyboard. So I know the communication is fine. That means the problem must be around the other commands that don't seem to work when Onsong fires them off to the keyboard. Does the PX-560M support what I'm trying to do (in theory)? Are there any troubleshooting tools on the PX-560M to see what MIDI messages it's receiving? Am I missing some setting or something to allow these settings to be changed remotely via MIDI? Thanks for any help!
  2. I want to split piano and flute. Piano of the left side and flute on the right side. How can you disable pedal sustain effects on the flute? This is on PX 350? Thanks,
  3. I would like to lower the tonal register of a split I have assigned to the top octave of the keyboard so that I can play (e.g. piano) on the lower octaves and then a (e.g. synth) hook in the middle of the song without needing to hit any buttons. At the moment, the split I have assigned has the synth sounding really high pitched (obviously, because it is assigned to the top end of the keyboard) but I would like to drop the tonality of this area so that the top octave starts around C4. I would be very grateful if anyone could share with me how to reassign the tonal register of a split.
  4. Hello all! Okay - I have finally figured out user rhythms and registrations! Yay.....Here is my latest question: I would like to split the keyboard in 2 with an arpeggiated tone on each 1/2. This is for "Heart of Glass" - Blondie. There is an arpeggiated drone in the bass and a sweeping poly-synth type of sound up high. I have chosen arpeggiators for each tone but I don't know if an arpeggiator can be split or if you can only choose one and use across all the keys. Thank you!!!
  5. Okay . . . I set up the keyboard with a split up at the 3rd C so that I'd have piano below, and then could reach up there for the steel drums. I lowered the steel drums 2 octaves so it would be normal although played in the upper 2 octaves. I then saved the setup to bank 2, #2. Works perfectly. EXCEPT It won't come out of that range. When I then return to the normal piano, it's all transposed two octabes LOWER and I cannot get out of it. Have to turn the keyboard OFF and back on to reset. ????
  6. How do I balance the volume from the Split and normal?
  7. Split on PX-5s

    I got a problem on my Casio PX-5s. I can't find the split function on my piano. I just want to putt a specific sound on the right part of the piano and an other on the left part. I don't find anything in the tutorial and on the internet. Does anybody can help me please? Please, forgive my english, I'm french. Thanks to all!
  8. Hi all, Can't seem to find a proper answer to this question, however I apologize if it's a repeat… Ive built a stage setting with Zone 1 on the first 2 octaves set as a "Reed Organ" based sound, and the rest of the keys are a 2nd Zone which set to "Rock Piano". Wondering if I can disable the "touch" feature for Zone 1(the organ) so that velocity is irrelevant to the output level, however keep the touch feature enabled on the remaining "rock piano" keys, and if so how? It seems that I can only use the "Off, Normal, Light and Heavy" options for all the keys regardless of the Zone on the Data Editor. Any assistance would be appreciated , thanks! JMM
  9. I need the split function when using my PX-110 connected to MIDI. I don't know how to send the differenct MIDI channels out in different octaves. I'm using microsynth as my MIDI application, and I already understand how to create different tracks with different timbres and assign them to various MIDI channels. I'm surprised I must be the only one needing help with this. Thanks in advance!