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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, 1.Can I use the Mixer/Drawbar Organ Sliders to mix in real time a played MIDI file? (Lower or increase a specific/individual channel volume). 2.I have a lots of MIDI files where… bass guitar (for example) is on channel 2. Is there a free software to easily change MIDI to default MZ channels? Channel 9 = Percussion Channel 10 = Drums Channel 11 = Bass Channel 12 - 16 = Accompaniment 1 thru 5 Because in the SMF import tool, I have to manually change the channels so the rhythm can be imported/heard/played successfully with all the instruments. Even when I play them in player, they sound funny (not right). See this Romanian folklore Batuta - Taraneasca.MID (play it on PC and MZ). 3.Besides renaming .sty to .mid and SMF import to MZ series, is there another way to import styles from other keyboards (aka Roland, Korg…). A software? Free maybe? Thx. Maur.
  2. Hi guys! I tried to use the search function of the forum, but it seems it is not working. Error EX0. So, I am sorry if this was discussed already (and probably it was once or twice) but I was thinking, are there resources available for MZ-X500? I'd be interested in rhythms especially, created from ground or converted from Yamaha, or from other brands. About a week ago I did find a website filled with Latin styles, but it is not my cup of tea so to speak. I'd be interested in Pop, Country, maybe Disco/Dance. And free would be amazing! Thanks! Adi
  3. MZ-X500 Rhythms (set 1)

    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, here are some MZ-X500 rhythms converted from various Yamaha arrangers styles. I own an MZ-X500 and the conversion has been entirely made using the internal instrument's tools without using a PC. I've revoiced wrong instruments, adjusted volumes, re-mapped wrong notes (especially in some drum tracks), and shifted many bass tracks that where too low. I've also adjusted the effects values and the panning to my own personal taste, I hope you will like them In this package you will find some 6/8 rhythms, 8 Beat rhythms and 1 16/8 Ballad for a total of 18 rhythms. Have fun!
  4. new member, just got MX-500

    Hi There, brand new to this forum. I Have just purchased the MX-500 for myself in the UK and what a fantastic keyboard! There is no doubt that Casio are going to challenge the big players with this keyboard. I am a professional musician and run my own company producing albums for the ballroom and Latin market around the world and have had quite a few hit albums in the last few years. I use Mainly the Yamaha PSR S 950 and the korg PA3X in my studio. I had never until the Mx-500 considered Casio seriously as their keyboards didn't have the quality of styles, sounds and effects etc to be considered professional enough. A few thoughts for anyone reading this.... What makes an arranger?? the bottom line apart from all it's features is how good the styles are...This is where Yamaha rule as korg also has great issues with providing decent styles. I have just downloaded the new styles available for the Mx-500 and they prove without doubt what it can do as they are better than the factory styles....so please please Casio produce more please as this is what is needed most urgently. For performers and musicians like me although it is fun to try and create styles having a brilliant library is so important. I noticed with pleasure the addition on the Mp3 player on the firmware update 1.04 what a fantastic addition and brings it almost in line with the new Yamaha arrangers....If Casio can do this how about one more thing which the keyboard is sadly lacking for the next update.......the addition of more intro's and endings which surely can be added and then assigned to the intro and endings buttons....2 is just not enough!! I can't think of anything else this wonderful machine needs to put it directly against the likes of the PSR S 970 etc....come on Casio you have gone this far!! Any comments please say hello....I am producing my 2 new albums ready for release in the summer and already supplying 6 countries apart from the Uk and at this point will let everyone hear what I have incorporated from the new Casio.......one last comment....why on earth have Casio not launched this in the UK??? I had to purchase from the Netherlands and when I asked Casio Uk there was no proper answer...is the UK so dominated by Yamaha and Korg and Roland that our dealers are so resistant ( Or frightened to challenge the big boys who make up most of their stock!) Interested to hear from anyone else in the Uk who had to order from Europe!!
  5. PX-560M Rhythms

    Saw couple of demo videos on YouTube and decided to buy PX560M... Searched for a dealer in Toronto but there is NO showroom where one can go and try Casio keyboards. Eventually ordered PX560M from amazon and got it 4 days ago.. Keys are good, Piano sound is great and thats it!!! very bad styles or Rhythms.. poorly designed and they didn't even bother to adjust the levels of instruments in those Rhythms. Switch from one registration to another while the style/Rhythms is playing and you will have a break/pause !!! How can you perform when you have a break/pause while performing??? Honestly this instrument does not sound (specially styles / Rhythms ) for the price I paid for it.. Rhythms are poorly designed and very low quality as compared to Roland/Yamaha/Korg with similar price tag. NOT satisfied and returning it. Hope Casio take notice of this and improve in future. Thanks
  6. Hello, I've created Pattern in Styleworks 2000, but te key is CMaj7 and when I changed the Key to C, for making pattern (MIDI Import), the sound is very bad, is horrible, can help me??? attach the file .sty and .mid This is MIDI FILE https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjl7snzsiw5sb0h/1530.MID AND THE STYLE CREATED https://www.dropbox.com/s/ihtgb98x7r09byp/NUESTROD.STY Thanks