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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone. I received my PX-5s roughly a month ago. When I play acoustic piano and electric piano tones, I can press the sustain pedal, play the keyboard, and not have my dynamics affect the sustain. For example, if I play a loud note followed by a soft note with the pedal pressed, the resonance and decay of the loud note will not be affected by soft note immediately played after it. When I do the same thing with the digital piano tones however, the louder notes decay and resonance is choked and killed off when the softer note is played. I've been messing with settings to see what is causing it to do this. If anyone knows what I can do to remedy this issue, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm trying to make a retro 80's FM keys style stage setting, but I don't like that the digital piano tones this weird cut-off. Thanks in advance, everyone. EDIT: The tones that I'm referring to with the volume change are Digital EP 1-9. All nine do the problem. Again, thanks for any help.
  2. Hi I bought a CGP 700 series piano that I use to gig with. The sustain pedals, I have 2, the one that came with the unit and the one I have used for years, an M series. On every keyboard I have ever had when using the sustain pedal the sound has faded, this keyboard does not. The sound stays at one level and when you release the pedal it cuts off abruptly. Is there a work around to this? If not I will have to return this keyboard. These pedals are single pedal units, It sustains and fades with just voice one ,piano, but if i add a second voice such as strings it will not fade.
  3. WK-500 sustain stuck

    Hi, folks. My first post is a problem I'm having with my keyboard (typical, right?) It's a Casio WK-500. I've had it for 5 years or more and never had an issue. I turned it on the other day, keyed a chord and it sounded like the sustain pedal is continuously pressed (which it wasn't). It's very noticeable if I change the tone to something other than piano such as strings, organ, etc. Pressing the pedal has no impact. I unplugged the peal and still the same issue. The only way to make the sustain stop is to go into the settings and change the pedal setting to something other than sustain. After that the pedal has no impact at all. I've tested the pedal in a different keyboard and it works. Any ideas? I did get a response from Casio (kind of surprised that I did actually hear from them) but they asked me the old "did you try turning it off and back on again." (Which btw doesn't work.) Thanks for any help, Scott
  4. Left Hold

    Is there any function in CASIO MZ-X500 like Left Hold in YAMAHA PSR 2000 etc..
  5. Hello everyone! I decided to give the Casio WK-6600 Sing sequencer a try and trust me i got too deep into it. I just merged a track(Piano sustained) into another one(also sustained) but when i merged the former into the latter, the sustained voice has been cut off. The sustain pedal i use is Havana WTB-005. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day!
  6. This one has me completely stumped - I use my PX-5S as a controller and live instrument. The internal sounds are functioning great. I've got plenty of velocity curve to play with and can produce quite expressive sounds on a slightly tweaked Concert Piano Stage Setting. However, I've recently noticed that the sounds produce by PropellerHead Reason (some synths and a few pianos) feel muffled and muted as compared to when I use a different controller. And, oddly, when I hold down the sustain pedal, the sounds in Reason return to being clear, bright, and significantly louder. Here's what I've tried: 1. I tried numerous different custom and purchased patches in Reason. They are all exhibiting this problem. Therefore, I think it's the PX-5S. 2. I've tried a number of different stage settings on the PX-5S to see if it was something I accidentally triggered - nope. It occurs on a lot of them, even ones I didn't build or fiddle with. 3. I've tried different USB cables. Still does this. 4. I've disabled the internal sounds (local control) on the PX-5S. Didn't help. 5. I've disabled High Resolution Output. Didn't help. Other than my PX-5S is malfuntioning, any ideas guys? I can still use it to control Synths and Pads, as they are much easier to control with longer attacks, but this problem has made playing a midi piano of any kind impossible. Thanks in advance.
  7. Problem with PX-360M

    Hi there. The pedal doesn't work on my Privia PX-360M. When the pedal is not connected, there is full, non-stop sustain, and when the pedal is connected, there is no sustain. I've tried booting it up with the pedal disconnected, connected, pressed down, untouched, everything. How can I fix it? Hannah
  8. Hi everybody, I am totally new to Casio keyboards, so this may sound as a bit silly question, but I can't find the solution anywhere - how can I adjust the time the sustain pedal holds the tone? Mainly the strings and organs literally never fade, which makes it almost unusable. Why would anyone want to hold the tone forever? It makes the song all blurry. Can you please help me?
  9. Hi, So I am using an M-audio SP-2 sustain pedal with my Casio Privia Px-5s and I'm running into a sort of glitch. The pedal does sustain the sounds when pressed but every time I press the pedal down there is a soft glitch sound, sort of like all the keys being pressed together at the same time. It happens every time I press the pedal, whether I'm pressing the keys or not. It's quiet enough that you cant clearly hear it when I'm running it through a PA but when I go to record it through an audio interface it's clear as day. Hope someone has had a similar issue or can share their knowledge and give me some suggestions. Thanks!
  10. I want to split piano and flute. Piano of the left side and flute on the right side. How can you disable pedal sustain effects on the flute? This is on PX 350? Thanks,
  11. Is there a way to HOLD a sound when it's in a layer? For instance : I've got a guitar sound, for strumming in one layer, then want to bring in an accordion behind that ... lower, but holding chords. How do I get the accodion to just hold the chord I'm strumming with the guitar sound? (I'm a little concerned there haven't been any other posts since my last on the 5th of August ... is there anybody there? ) :-) Showkster
  12. Hi,This is my first post so welcome everybody. Recently I've bought PX-780 for my son. Soon I've discovered strange and very annoying issue. For no reason, without pressing pedal or any function keys suddenly the sustain is on. Sometimes it happens after few whiles of playing or just after playing few notes. Sometimes it doesn't happen. And it's really hard to turn off. Obviously it makes playing very unpleasant and hard, it's just not fun it should be. Of course I've made reset view times but it didn't help. When I've asked Casio support they only told me to send instrument to service. I understand that, but it's not a pair of shoes and idea of dismantling it, protecting, packing and sending makes me sick. So if anybody have some ideas i would really appreciate this.
  13. I recently bought a WK6600. My mom has a old yamaha electric that is mostly unused, so I took that pedal and tried to use it on my new piano. This pedal, although Yamaha, is your average black with silver (plastic and metal) standard pedal, so I hoped it would work on my new keyboard. However, it doesn't. I plug it into the assignable jack and have experienced problems similar to those expressed on this discussion board but for the WK6500. This is that when the pedal is plugged in and sustain is selected, the piano sustains ALL sounds, even if your foot is not on the pedal. My question is as follows: is there a problem with my medal or keyboard, or is this the way casio purposefully makes their products, incompatible with products of other brands? If my pedal will not work, can you direct me toward one that will? And please do not suggest to me to buy that cheap plastic piece of trash pedal that casio offers. I would also not like to spend $30 on a new casio pedal if my current one can function. Any guidance is very appreciated! Thank you!!!
  14. PX-330

    Hello, can anyone tell me if they have experienced the following please and if so, do they know of a solution? My PX-330 has this week developed the following faults: 1. The 'soft/sostenuto' pedal assign changes itself to 'soft' undemanded. 2. When I can set the function to 'sos', the sustain only sustains the first key/chord that is played.
  15. Hi all, this is my first post on this forum and I'm considering buying a PX-5S. I would like to use partial sustain even if the PX-5S comes with only an on-off sustain IN. Is it possible to plug a sustain pedal like Yamaha FC3 or Roland DP10 into an expression IN of a keyboard? If the two kinds of pedals are electronically compatible with expression (not springed) pedals, I would expect to get expression (CC#11) continuous Midi signals when I press the pedal, so I could remap it with a software on sustain messages (CC#64) and control a vst like Pianoteq. Has anyone tried it? Thank you, sorry for my English, Massimo
  16. So my pedal started to malfunction. It doesn't work! To be more exact, it gives the sound as if the pedal is pressed when the cable is not connected, but when you connect the pedal cable, sustain ability does not work. Simply put, if i connect the pedal there is no sustain. If i disconnect the pedal there is full non-stop sustain. Is this setting issue, or is there something wrong with the keyboard itself? Should I get an A/S? Also, the tone of the piano is quite weird. I disabled the Auto Resume function, the tone is still quite funky. When I connect to a VSTi, the sound is fine as I'm using the sound within the sound installed in my program. I don't know what is wrong with the keyboard, I even bought a new sustain pedal today and realized after that the pedal wasn't the problem.
  17. I had a Yamaha P-140 that had a piano + strings patch that I grew accustomed to that I'm trying to recreate. The strings would gently fade in behind the piano, and if you were holding the sustain pedal (but released your fingers from the keys) the strings would gracefully fade out (quicker than than the decay of the piano). If you held the keys down with your fingers, the strings would continue to sustain for as long as you held the keys down (versus fading out like when using the sustain pedal). I've managed to figure out how to set the attack to fade in on my PX-5S, but I can't figure out how to set them to fade out when sustaining with a sustain pedal while remaining full volume for as long as keys are held down. Anybody have any ideas how to achieve it?