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Found 22 results

  1. Cover Band Keyboard Requirements

    Hello Casio Forums, I have been playing my XW-G1 live with a cover band for the last three years. I play half our sets on the synth and half on guitar. Does anyone use a personal mixer to tweak sound live? What set up do you use live to get a great stereo BEST QUALITY Sound? I have noticed live that I am constantly battling different performances on volume, depending on tones, i.e. brass, bass, piano, analog sounds. Is there a way I can "set it and forget it?" My brass sounds all sound full of treble with little mid range or bass. I bought my board used off ebay. Sometimes I think there may be an issue with oscillators or something internally that is giving me a different quality than what I hear on Youtube from you professionals. I am very picky about sound and want to sound the best possible. Willing to spend some money to do so and would like to keep using my XW-G1 live. Thanks for advice! Geoff the PowerTrader
  2. Can anyone help this rookie XW-G1 programmer with coming up with a sound much like Prince used for songs like "Kiss" and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk", "That's what I like" and "24K"? I cannot come close. My polysynth stuff sounds very trebly and am radio'ish. Would truly appreciate help. Thanks! Geoff the PowerTrader
  3. Hello, I would like to know how to apply the knots effects on real time while holding the keys in a polyphonic sound. So far the changes are applied once I release the keys. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone. I received my PX-5s roughly a month ago. When I play acoustic piano and electric piano tones, I can press the sustain pedal, play the keyboard, and not have my dynamics affect the sustain. For example, if I play a loud note followed by a soft note with the pedal pressed, the resonance and decay of the loud note will not be affected by soft note immediately played after it. When I do the same thing with the digital piano tones however, the louder notes decay and resonance is choked and killed off when the softer note is played. I've been messing with settings to see what is causing it to do this. If anyone knows what I can do to remedy this issue, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm trying to make a retro 80's FM keys style stage setting, but I don't like that the digital piano tones this weird cut-off. Thanks in advance, everyone. EDIT: The tones that I'm referring to with the volume change are Digital EP 1-9. All nine do the problem. Again, thanks for any help.
  5. My Tones (set 1)

    Version 1.0.0


    24 tones for MZ-X500, they use the internal sample, more details on this forum thread.
  6. Hello all! I've just published on my blog a set of tones I made for my own pleasure, this keyboard is so fun to play! The tones uses the internal samples so no precious memory is wasted. You can download and audition the tones one by one; individual downloads as well as a single package are provided. Let me know what do you think. Here is the link P.S.: later I will upload a copy on the download section and a one on the official facebook page
  7. PX 560 Bad Steel Guitar 1 tone

    I have had a PX560 for less than a year but have found the Steel Guitar 1 tone doinks at the top of the register (not quite 2 octaves). Frist, I wondered if anyone else had that issue. Second, I hav found that with the 1.10 firmware update, there is an ability to save tones and load tones. I would appreciate it if I could get that tone - that is, if it isn't a common problem and the Steel Guitar tone is good all the way up. Thanks, Alan
  8. Want to play a MIDI file from SD card through px-410r keyboard with the selected tone. I have the MIDI file playing from the card just fine, but it is using the "standard" MIDI synth sound. Want it to play using whatever tone is selected at the time, OR, let me choose what tone to play it through, such as 363, Space Voice 2, or 000 Grand Piano. Thanks for you help
  9. XWP1 Tones

    Conforme tópico anterior, estou postando tones utilizados por mim. Seria interessante reativarmos os patches que cada um maia utiliza .para download. Se possivel, comentem se gostaram. Brass.ZTN Crunch E.GtX.ZTN DistRotoOrgn.ZTN Dyno EPiano!.ZTN Elec.Piano.ZTN Enhc. EPiano.ZTN EPs Phaser.ZTN FM E.Piano.ZTN Marcio Piano.ZTN Modern Piano.ZTN Piano Pad.ZTN Rhodes Tremo.ZTN Soft Pad Omt.ZTN St GrandPiano.ZTN StrEnsemble2.ZTN Strings XP80.ZTN TB Vint EP 1.ZTN Tines Rhodes.ZTN Warm E.Piano.ZTN Warm GrPiano.ZTN Wurlitzer.ZTN
  10. Basic basic stuff

    I thought I'd try here because I don't really know anything about keyboards....I am a guitar player, but my church bought a Px-5s and I am trying to learn how to work it. I am familiar with banks and parameters because I've used guitar processors in the past, but this thing is so confusing to me. I'd like to have bank 0-0 be the piano and have bank 0-1 be synth strings 1. But I'd like to have another bank be a harp. Every time I change 0-1 to synth strings and go to a diff bank, if I hit strings it's changed to synth strings. So I change it to a harp then go back to 0-1 and hit strings and it's a harp again. What's the point in having different banks if the only option I have within a banks parameters is the same as every other parameter? Like I said I'm a guitar player but every piano player in church is freaked out by this thing. We need diff settings for our praise band and an orchestra. The praise band uses synth strings and the orchestra uses the harp but they are both string tones. And if you go to a number within any bank if you hit the strings button it goes to whatever you changed it to last. I want a harp on one and a strings on the other. This is quite frustrating to try to figure out. I want to be able to hit a button and have the sound I want. If that makes any sense.
  11. HEX Layered Tones

    Just noticed something strange with HEX Layer sounds. If I load a HEX Layer sound like #1010 StairwyRecdr it sounds like a single flute. If I then edit it and go to the LAYERS control and toggle each layer (select a different WAV then select the original) I hear an entirely different sound. I have V 1.31, didn't check this with earlier versions as I've only used 1.31. Here's an example. #1010 StairwyRecdr after powering up 1010_StairwyRecdr.mp3 Edited by toggling the layer wavs only .StairwyRecdr_ReProg.mp3 The #1010 sounds like only layer 1 is playing.
  12. I am considering a PX-560 for a stage piano. However, one thing I frequently need to do is make a smooth transition from one sound to the next. For example, if I am playing a piano part and the next part is for strings. I want to play the last piano note, switch to the strings with the sustain pedal down, and while the piano note is fading, start playing strings. Some keyboards allow this and others cut off all sound when changing registrations/tones. Does the PX-560 allow for changing registrations without cutting off the previous notes. Thank you for your assistance.
  13. Beautiful Day

    Anyone aware of a stage setting that would work for the U2 song Beautiful Day? Or an idea of what type of tones and edits would come close? Bob
  14. For convenience, here are all of the sounds I have uploaded for the Casio PX-5s. Over 80 links worth! A few links are for XW-G1 or MZ-2000 but the majority are PX-5s. http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&sid=505696c3fd6533b584de3461ac81c3b9&mid=1490&search_app=downloads&userMode=all&search_app_filters[downloads][searchInKey]=files&search_app_filters[downloads][files][sortKey]=downloads&search_app_filters[downloads][files][sortDir]=
  15. I don't understand anything at all about the section E-21 "Selecting a Temperament" . . . is this something I really need to address, or can it slide 'til later?
  16. Specific Tones and features

    I am majorly interested in this keyboard. Great and awesome synth; however, after watching many reviews and videos on youtube i still am curious about something. 1) Does this board have a good smooth "SINE WAVE Lead" sound with portamento effect? \ 2) is there anyway that i can preview/ listen to/ sample this tone besides going to a music store like listening to an audio clip? There isn't a music store close by in my city. I am very very interested in buying this keyboard or maybe even two for my church.
  17. Hello, Mike. Hopefully you had a great holiday season and having a good day today, good sir.. I have been doing extensive research on this great stage piano and i must say that i am very very close to making a purchase. I've watched almost all of your videos and other musician's reviews/ demos on youtube for this keyboard and must say that it is defintiely a winner from what i've seen . However, I am curious about if this keyboard offers a "SINE WAVE LEAD" patch with portamento effect? and Does this keyboard have predominately the same sounds and architecture as the Casio XW-P1 like for example the bass sound.. ? And also, does casio offer a way to upload new "TONES" / "SOUNDS" into the keyboard such as with roland and yamaha like from casio's website?
  18. I'm sure this has been covered before, but I can't seem to find an exact answer. I've also tried to read the manual, though as we know it's not the most informative. My question is: Can the filter, with resonance (as per solo-synth mode) be used on HEX layers and PCM tones? Some of these tones allow 'cut-off', but I can't seem to find any way of increasing the resonance. I'd like to be able to get some classic sounding filter sweeps, with maybe some self oscillating 'tweeting', on the PCM/ Hex tones. Is this possible? Also, I found this from an article: "Here’s a gonzo feature I’ve not seen on any other keyboard lately: the ability to run everything through the same resonant lowpass filter and DSP effects at once. Yup—drums, arpeggiated or sequenced riffs, the sound you’re playing live, everything. In Performance mode, the mixer screen shows the option “mixer all.” Pick this, and the DSP effects applied will be those active on the current Solo Synth sound—plus that sound’s filter settings. This is great for DJ- or remixer-style mangling of the entire mix." http://www.keyboardmag.com/article/casio-xw-p1/148766 Now, either I'm having a blonde moment or something, but I've tried putting each of my XW's into 'performance mode', hit the 'Mixer' button, yet there is no sign of a 'mixer all' option. Any idea how I can find this? Lastly, if I can't use the XW's resonant filter with PCM/ HEX tones, my other option is to use my Korg Monotron, which allows auxiliary inputs to be fed through its MS20 style filter (it's pretty wild too, just like original MS20!) Only problem here is that the Korg is mono, whereas most of the PCM/ HEX tones are in stereo. Looking at the back of the XW there is a 'stereo in', so I wondered whether I could take the two 1/4" line-outs, connect them to the Monotron, then feed the output back into either the 'Mic In' or 'Inst In', have the stereo DSP's do their stuff and then take the audio from the 'headphone out' to the DAW/ PC. That way I might be able to still use some of the stereo DSPs, though I suspect I will cause a feedback loop in the process. Things could get rather extreme with the MS20 Filter coming into the equation...! Or maybe I should just resign myself to having the Korg filtered PCM/ HEX tones in mono, and adding stereo effects once the signal comes into the PC. Any suggestions from the experts on how best to get resonant filter effects on the PCM/ HEX tones?
  19. Hi, I really like the Privia PX-5s and I'm planning to buy it very soon. I had a couple of question on how I can download and add new tones to the Px-5s. I also saw in these videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9Hc8XhCP-4 , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7nlXtWMk7U that they are using the Rhodes Sound and I checked the Tone List in the manual PDF on your site and I couldn't find it in the tones list. So I was wondering if that is something that is there or I will have to download it and add it up. If so how can I do that? I mean what is the process of doing so? Another question??? what all comes along in the box? Thanks so much Behrooz
  20. In my live work I tend to use a limited number of basic sounds and save variations across banks. Example: 00 - Rhodes 01 - Rhodes/String Layer 02 - Rhodes/Pad Layer 03 - Rhodes/Lead Split 04 - Rhodes/Bass Split etc. It's important that the basic Rhodes sound be identical so I can switch on the fly with no surprises. In the example above, let's say I create my Holy Grail basic Rhodes and Save it as both a Tone (say "HG Rhodes" in Hex U100) and Stage Setting. Next I create the split and layered Stage Settings using the HG Rhodes Tone for each. So far so good. Now let's say I decide my Holy Grail Rhodes would sound even better if I rolled off the DSP Distortion High EQ from 64 to 48. I rewrite the the Tone - same name, same location. Now that change should automatically be reflected in all the Stage Settings that use that Tone, right? 'Cause that ain't happening. Do I have to re-load the edited Tone and re-write all the Stage Settings again?
  21. PCM piano tones

    I own a WK-6000 as well as a XW-P1. The WK piano sounds, even though they (seem to be) proprietary Casio tones, sound FAR better than those on the XW-P1. The XW piano tones all sound muffled. Not horrible, like I said, the WK are far, far better. What gives? Any chance there are new downloadable PCM tones? Thanks
  22. Has anyone found a printable database of the tones that are included in the PX-5S? I know there'd be a lot of people who would love to be able to see a tone list without having to browse each tone manually.