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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, all, I just joined and already own a PX350 but am thinking of purchasing a 360 soon. I've downloaded the manual but can't seem to find the max size for the USB drive. Also is it USB 2.0 or 3.0? Any info will help. Pete Columbus, Oh
  2. I have a Casio PX150 connected to my Mac using the USB cable. It is communicating and using Garageband for sounds but the volume is significantly low even at the computer's maximum volume setting. It also requires impractical key force to generate volume. It produces a strong as should be expected signal according to the DAW meters but the actual audio I hear through headphones is weak. The same is true when hooked up to Kontakt and 3rd party sample software. I see a good signal tripping the meters but this is not reflected in the signal through my headphones. The headphones are fine. I use them everyday. Regardless, I have tried two different pairs while testing the setup using a Mac Pro, Mac Mini and Macbook Pro. Each computer has a different OS version but they all meet the minimum requirements. It has not displayed this problem in the past. I was able to use the piano without this problem. It has been over a year since I used the piano. The keyboard has sat in the same place. It was under a dust cover. I just did not have time to play it. I doubt it is related to failure in the hardware. I had disconnected the USB cable because during the time I was not playing I had acquired the Mac Pro and shifted my desktop area to accommodate two systems and three ACD's. There must be something in the settings I am doing wrong. I have only set up the connection a few times. But I was able to do it without a problem each time. Usually the keyboard was connected and I just turned it on and opened software. I tried different sequences turning each on first. Reconnecting the keyboard I could have forgotten a setting or something. I read the user guide and it is a very simple process. There is nothing like this in the trouble shooting section. Sharing any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  3. PX-360 USB Playback

    Hi, When I was sold the PX360 I was told I could play full song recordings via the USB so I can play along and practice the keyboard part. I have gone through the manual and cant find instructions how to do this. Can anyone help?
  4. hi everybody i'm a new owner of the xw-p1. i followed the instructions to get the xw-p1 control logic x via usb. I succeeded once, and then cannot work it out again. can anybody help me pls. Hicham
  5. Just (2017-03-29) purchased PX-560 and downloaded Hex Layers ported to PX-560 from this site. Followed the procedure on youtube to select a Hex Layer tone before doing the ^ USB ^ Load ^ Tone. The Hex Layers copied to the USB show up fine, and the selection of the area on the PX-560 also works fine, but when I attempt the load, it falls with the diagnostic, "ERROR Wrong Data!". Have tried this with ~ 10 hex tones (layers) from this web site, all with the same result. BTW, Is this the correct area to report problems like this or is there another support site / area to this? THX.
  6. I want to connect my keyboard to my laptop to be used as a MIDI controller in Max MSP. I got it second hand and no CD was with it. I've been searching for a driver download, but no luck. If you can provide me with a link to a driver download for the lk-90tv, that'd be great. I am running a Windows 8.1, 64 bit.
  7. Hello, I recently got a used lk-110 keyboard as a present and I want to get it working with MIDI. I recently learned that I need some CD to install the drivers, but I bought the keyboard USED and I don't have the CD. So how do I connect this keyboard to my computer to use MIDI?? Thank you in advance...
  8. XW-P1 MIDI Driver?

    I am looking for an official Casio MIDI driver, preferably one specifically for the XW-P1. Under the "Devices and Printers" section of the Control Panel on my computer, the device comes up as "CASIO USB-MIDI" with a Microsoft generic driver, not an official Casio one. I have scoured the Casio support website for a long time now in search of an official driver and nothing has come up. No drivers for this synthesizer model. No generic MIDI drivers whatsoever. Just the 1.11 firmware update and the Data Editor. All I need is a link to the MIDI driver download. I run Windows 7.
  9. PX 110 Midi

    Hi, I'm trying to connect my Privia PX 110 to my laptop (Which is running Windows 10) via USB Midi cables. I purchased USB Midi in/out cables however my laptop does not recognize my keyboard as a device (I am using Audacity software). Any tips and/or cable recommendations would be awesome sauce! Thanks
  10. hello to all, how can I access external MIDI devices connected to the XW's MIDI ports? There is only ONE(!) port available in any DAW: "CASIO USB-MIDI" which addresses the internal synth engine. The manual states that it is possible to use both ways simultaneously - and all the MIDI settings in the XW only make sense when it is possible to use both ports!!! Example: My Venom provides TWO ports in any DAW 1. "Venom Synth" which addresses the internal synth engine accesed via USB 2. "Venom MIDI" In+Out which addresses the MIDI ports on the back of the synth ...simple... How to use the devices connected to the MIDI ports of the XW with the DAW with only the "CASIO USB-MIDI" present? Thank you in advance for help.
  11. Recording via USB?

    I recently got a Casio CTK-2400 keyboard as a gift; this particular model has a USB port on the back of it, presumably for porting your tunes out onto a computer. I'm wondering if there's a particular software that I should be using that is compatible with Casio keyboards. I'd like to be able to play something on the keyboard and maybe be able to arrange it/loop it/etc. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  12. I am having problems playing back songs stored in the "Audio" file folder on my USB storage drive. Btw - I have Privia PX-850. First, here is what I did. I recorded 7 songs on the piano last night. After each recording I trasfered the song to the USB that was plugged into the piano and saved it under the folder 61, 62, etc. I then plugged the USB into my laptop and then transfered those files to my iTunes library to create an album for myself to put on my phone. I then copied those same files into the "Audio" folder on the USB drive that the piano automatically had already created when I formatted the USB drive. I resaved them as the manual states to "TAKE01.WAV" and so on with increasing to number 7 (as I had 7 songs). So all seven songs are correctly named in the "Audio" folder on the USB drive. I then plugged the USB drive into the piano and here is where my problem begins! First - it should be noted that in the manual there are two different directions for playing back songs on a USB drive from the Audio folder!!! I hate this manual so much btw! (and whoever decided to double piano keys as function keys just so there were less button on the display area was an idiot becuase it made everything confusing and more work!!!). Page E14 Option - this does not work. I put in the USB drive and press "audio recorder" and nothing happens. The manual states that the Song button lights should light - they do not! So I can go no further with this option. I cannot figure out what I am not doing. I have gone over this so many freaking times at this point I am about to throw this piano out the window! Using the option on page E-32 does not work either (storing the files in the MUSICLIB folder) - it will not play this way either. I hope someone has an answer for me!! Thank you so much in advance for anyone that can help! Scott
  13. Hello to the forum! I'm new and happy user of this awesome Casio Privia PX-5S digital piano, yet during my analysis of instruction and following its steps on instrument I found a probable malfunction. I hope it's treatable without servicing, that's why I first ask for your help. What's the problem? It looks like my USB port (numered in basic instruction as 48, that on the front, not 49 on the back) don't see or recognize any drive I'm plugging in. What I do is entering some usb stick (I tried ADATA S102 32GB USB 3.0 and memory of my MP3 player which I offen use as a pendrive: Creative MuVo TX 512mb ), and waiting for response. 30 seconds are passing, 1 minute is passing and there is none, no "Mounting media" information, no "reading" or something like that. Pressing, or holding longer Audio Recorder button gives me "Error / No Media / Press Exit" response. As instruction goes, both drivers were formated on my computer to FAT32 system by full, not shortened format function. What is interesting memory sticks signalize their connection, problem exist by the side of casio. I don't know how to check version of my instrument's OS, and fear that without USB connection won't be able to update it. If anything, I have that square USB type B cable to input to the back of the casio. Any ideas?
  14. Hi all, The USB midi port on my PX-350m seems to work only intermittently. I've tried various different USB ports, both 2.0 and 3.0. I've tried in Windows and Linux. I've tried every permutation of turning the piano on before my computer, computer before piano, plugging in the USB cable only after booting etc. etc. I've seen it work for definite in Linux twice so far. Both times in a USB3.0 slot. Once when I booted my computer with the piano turned on and plugged in, once when I turned the piano on after I had booted into my OS. Neither time required any additional drivers etc. (as makes sense, class compliant). It also registered itself correctly with Windows 8.1 once ("CASIO-USB-MIDI" or whatever the correct name is, showing up in device manager). These are only 3 out of maybe 20 times I've tried so far. My linux distro is Mint 17.1, my motherboard is an asus P8Z77-V PRO. Anyone experienced anything like this before? I'm not having any other USB issues with my computer so I'm inclined to believe it is the piano that is acting weirdly. Is there some specific voodoo that I need to perform before I try to connect? Thanks, - Kieran
  15. Hi. I'm trying to play along with a song on a PX-350 from my music library from the USB stick. It is a proper 16-bit WAV file and I've tried putting it in the Play/A directory, I've tried putting it in the Audio directory name TAKE01.wav nothing works. The manual is very confusing and the forum discussions are also confusing. How, for example, are you supposed to playback from the AUDIO folder? How is the device supposed to find the files? J.
  16. Casio PX-850

    I have a Casio PX-850 that I recently purchased for my daughter. My question is; can you playback a list of MIDI files from USB. I can only seem to get it to play one at a time then I must manually select the next song. I would like to use the piano to play music, unmanned, continuously at parties. If not USB then can a list of songs be programmed to play automatically from an iPad as a controller? Thanks for any information you can provide.
  17. This question little silly but i need to clear on this... i purchased ctk 245 but i can't attach with Fl Studio Because it don't have USB option But Can i Add USB Option to this piano if can Than Please share your thoughts/...... Thanks in advance
  18. So I recorded myself playing my casio priva px5s and i go trough all the steps to play it back but its silent. I took the usb drive to my pc but the wave file plays back silent there too. My usb drive is formatted corectely i dont know whats wrong.
  19. Hello I saw a video from Jared Beaney of Casio Australia on youtube for AP-650&. at end of video Jared plays a backing track wav audio from a USB Stick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSC9Ygzg_VI&list=PL1fIySn8DGiry9W0JTWHhHF7mj3mDBSWe I have some wav audio tracks Ive generated with Band in A Box , I want to playback on AP-650. Can you please tell me where on the USB stick Jared stored his demo wav file , which folder. and what was your sequence of keys pressed on the AP-650 to play that particular file you demoed. For example, for Midi Files to playback ,I know you place in midis in the USB stick "play" folder , subfolder 'A" thru "D" thanks in advance for your assistance stephen Charlottesville , VA USA www.swingkats.com
  20. USB cable for XW's

    This might sound like a dumb question, but what type of USB cable do I need for my XW's as neither of mine came with one? Obviously the computer end is a standard USB connector, but the Casio end seems like a non standard shape and size? Or rather, I've searched on Ebay for USB cables and can't find any that look like they will fit. BTW, I've used the forum search function but didn't come up with any answers. Can anyone point me in the right direction for finding a USB cable, in the UK, that is suitable for XW's please?
  21. As I understand it, the PX-5s USB implementation is "class-compliant," which means that it should work with a Windows 7 laptop without special drivers. What happens if you have another USB MIDI device connected? I have a FocusRite Scarlett 2i4 preamp with a USB connection connected to my Windows 7 dual-core laptop. Originally I also had an M-Audio Oxygen 61 connected, with perfect results. Now, I have the PX-5s connected instead of the Oxygen 61, and it doesn't seem to want to play nice with the FocusRite. Control Panel/Devices and Printers shows the PX-5s as an "unknown device," and its name does not show up in MIDI device listings in the Kontakt player. The only time the PX-5s seems to work properly with the laptop is if it is the only MIDI device plugged into USB. I have gotten around the problem by patching the PX-5s into the FocusRite preamp with MIDI cables, but I'd still like to know why I can't use a USB connection. Surely it's possible to use the PX-5s with a computer having a USB audio interface. Is it conflicting with the onboard MIDI on the FocusRite? Or perhaps it's jealous of the Oxygen 61 (which still occasionally shows up in the plugin MIDI list, even though it's not connected)? I have version 1.10 of the firmware.
  22. Hi all, I haven't got a PX-350 in the studio at the moment, could anybody check the following for me? I have a client who is asking if audio going into the PX is recorded when we use the USB audio recorder. In other words, does the the line input get saved to USB during an audio record? I'd like to think it does, it would be a great 'accidental' feature if true, but without one here there's no way to tell for sure. Mike M? Thanks Stanners
  23. Hi, I need some help. I have bought a XW-P1 recently and I can't connect my pc (Windows 7 64 bits) via USB. The differents ways I have tried are: 1) Sinth off. AC power supply connected to XW-P1. I connect usb cable to my pc and power on the sinth, but nothing happens. 2) Sinth off. AC power supply disconnected to XW-P1. I connect usb cable to my pc and power on the sinth. The same, nothing happens. Which settings do you adjust? Thank you.