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Found 5 results

  1. So what's the deal with the WK 7600? I went to Radio Shack and bought 6 rechargeable D batteries, only to read in the manual afterwards that it specifically says NOT to use them! Is it because they actually don't put out 1.5 volts apiece? Can it cause damage to the instrument? Does anyone use rechargeables in theirs?
  2. Hi all, I'm learning to use my recently acquired wk7600. For a certain song I tried to use auto-accompaniment in combination with the full-range chord method (to have access to all notes on the keyboard). However, because the song features some ultra-low notes, I need to transpose the keyboard an octave down so I can reach those. Unfortunately, this also transposes the auto-accompaniment an octave down which makes it close to unusable (it makes sense to transpose auto-accomp if you only transpose a few semi-tones, but that's a different use case from mine). I've been looking on this forum and in the manual, but so far not much luck. Given the vast number of features this keyboard offers there may be some advanced expert trick that I missed on first reading to still make it possible? So here's the quesiton: Is there a way or a setting to only transpose the played notes but not the auto-accomp? (Or something else that has the same effect, like e.g. a way to only transpose the auto-accomp back up after transposing everything down). One reason why I'd be surprised if it weren't possible: I noticed in the manual that one can choose if alternate tunings should be applied also to autoaccomp, so I'd find it weird if it were possible for an exotic feature like tuning, but not for transposition. Thanks for your insights.
  3. Very bizarre. If I take any style and make a volume change to a part, I can't store it into a registration for some reason, and I know for a fact that I used to be able to do it. As soon as I store it, when I play, the volume jumps back to the original volume of the part. If I turn a part completely off, it will save THAT change, but not volume for some odd reason. I called Casio tech support and he was baffled by it as well. Any ideas?
  4. Hi! I just got a wk 7600 and I am in love! This is the first midi/workstation I've ever used so it's been a lot of learning! I have connected my usb to my PC and downloaded the data manager and was able to transfer my song sequencer files to my computer however, they transferred as CMS files. I am not able to open or access them. How do I transfer files that I can open and listen to and then upload into garage band? Thank you for your help! FJ
  5. In the middle of my WK-7600 front-underside there is an empty spot to adhere a rubber foot, just like the oval feet that already exist on the right and left (see photo, attached). It's been like this since I got it, and there is no residue at all, suggesting there never was a foot there. To all you 7600 owners: Does your keyboard have a missing middle rubber foot in front, or do you have all three front feet? Thanks so much, I'm a bit of a perfectionist and this kind of thing makes me very curious! UltraBird