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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone! Does anyone know why although I have plugged the jacks on the "Line Out" (left and right) of my Casio WK-7600 into the "Line In" (left and right) of my XP-560 M I don't hear the sound of the WK-7600 coming out from either the speakers or headphones on the XP-560 M???
  2. can you help me ?

    i just bought new ctk-7200 keyboard , and i want to convert yamaha style (.STY) to casio (.AC7) , can you help me ?
  3. Hello, I wanted to know if anyone who had a casio CTK-900 or WK-3200/3700 could share the dance styles of those keyboards for my Wk-7600, like trance, rave and ambient styles that this keyboards have, either in format ckf or AC7, please, i need them, for me, these are the best dance styles in a casio keyboard, I would appreciate it!!!!! 1
  4. Hi forum, This time I'm completely stumped by something that seems to have happened in my WK-7600. The built-in mid big band style appears to have replaced the intro part with something else. I'm not using a user rhythm but the built-in Jazz/European mid big band style. At the beginning of this song you can hear how it used to sound, with some lush brass section playing the intro: And here you can hear what it sounds like now, without that intro brass (Which - to me - is quite a downgrade from what it was). It almost sounds as if part of the outtro is pasted over the intro. http://picosong.com/zzH7 I still hope it's somehow an error on my side although I'm out of inspiration on things to try. I've tried looking in the mixer to see if any parts are switched off or any volumes are set to zero, but I can't find anything. I've also tried resetting the keyboard to factory defaults, but the style remains different. As far as I can tell now, only this style appears to be affected. Any ideas? Best regards, Stefaan.
  5. come back to me

    I made my first jazz song ever! (I've written other styles of music before) Score: https://musescore.com/user/168825/scores/2526641 Recording: http://picosong.com/zswk/ Played on casio wk-7600. - auto-accompaniment using the built-in mid big band style with intro and end (no variation or fill-in used) using fingered3 style - instrument is a breathy tenor sax, which was edited in the tone editor to add some vibrato after a delay - auto-accompaniment volume was turned down significantly to allow the tenor sax to steal the show And yes I played a little mistake somewhere... those things happen
  6. MIDI song made by me using Song Sequencer of CTK-7000 Thank you for listening my song. (Please Rename downloaded file to mp3) Christopher Budi Santoso Mixdown GRAMEDIA 2-CJH BUDI SANTOSO
  7. I just bought a WK-7600 to try to get back into piano and organ after about 30 years away. (My wife frowned at even that price tag, but it'll do for a start.) I am very PC and USB literate, but have never messed with MIDI. I followed the first time connection instructions in the manual, and the PC installed the CASIO USB-MIDI driver (after taking quite a while to find it in the MS Driver database). EMedia has a device setup at the start, which detected the CASIO MIDI device, but no matter what I did, when I hit a note on the keyboard, the green light saying that it detected the note wouldn't light up. I went through all the usual PC USB driver debugging, even trying multiple cables. I got the light to blink a couple times once, but it still wouldn't work for the lesson, and when I went back to setup, it wouldn't blink anymore. I downloaded the Casio Data Manager, and it links to the keyboard and shows the current settings, so that made me think that the USB port on the keyboard is OK, at least data-wise. Finally, after reading about it here, I downloaded MIDI-OX and ran it. Unless I am missing something there, too, when I set up the CASIO MIDI device as input, I saw no MIDI traffic logged, and saw nothing blinking any of the MIDI ports, even when I changed the MIDI options to turn AccompOut on, or changed the keyboard port to something other than 01. I'm just using the power-on setup on the keyboard, including the default stereo grand piano, although I've tried different instruments, layer, split, etc., to see if any setting would send something, but no luck so far. Is there something else that I need to do to output MIDI, or am I missing something on the PC side? Thanks Ron
  8. Join me along with other specials guests for an in depth look into Casio flagship Privia Pro PX-5S, XW-series Synthesizers as well as Casio's latest music workstations the CTK-7200 and WK-7600. Whether you're already a Casio owner and wanting to learn more about these award winning products, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about Casio's amazing music technology. Lunch and refreshments will be served and seating is limited. http://www.casiomusicgear.com/registration/nashville_07-20-14/