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Found 74 results

  1. casio XW-P1

    Hi everyone i have casio XW-P1, is there any chance to put new sounds in it? if it possible, how can i do that?
  2. Texturals

    The awesomeness of the P1 fully on display. Some other stuff going on here but the P1 is doing the heavy lifting. Would love to hear your thoughts. Texturals
  3. Intro

    Granted this is mostly Roland SE-02, but it's the XW-P1 Hex pads that really make this piece what it is. Titled "Intro" simply because it feels like it's an introduction to something. I appreciate you all clicking the link, giving it a listen, and letting me know what you think either here or on my Soundcloud page. Thanks! Intro
  4. Depeche Mode Enjoy the Silence tone

    Hi everyone! I made three different tones, to intro, first and second chorus to this song. Enjoy.. ENJOY1ST.ZLT ENJOY2ND.ZLT ENJOYHEX.ZLT
  5. Oxygene 4 patch ( Jean Michel Jarre )

    Here, the Oxygene 4 patch, ( Jean Michel Jarre ) that i which I built using a programming principle. Enjoy and regards Oxygene.ZPF
  6. hi everybody i'm a new owner of the xw-p1. i followed the instructions to get the xw-p1 control logic x via usb. I succeeded once, and then cannot work it out again. can anybody help me pls. Hicham
  7. Hello everyone. My new song is here. (All of keyboard parts recorded by Casio XW-P1)
  8. Is there any way to configure the XW-P1 so that I may switch between performance presets using an unlatched footswitch or a sustain pedal? Changing the preset via the + or - button is a little difficult while playing with both hands. I've checked the main settings in the P1 but I can't find a way to do so. Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone!, This is my first post to this group, and although I read thru the FAQ and AlenK's XW-P1 companion I still can't find the answer to my question. The XW-p1 has MIDI settings for zones and and parts and a general MIDI channel setting, but I want to be able to communicate with the XW-P1 thru a global channel to at least to select a patch. I have found that if I set the general midi channel to 3 (for example) the instrument will still only respond to a global command like volume (CC 07) thru MIDI ch1. I have many keyboards that I need to control from my foot pedal (FCB1010) and the other keyboards I can simply set the midi channel and send patch changes and CC messages with no problem. Now the WX-P1 is very powerful, and I expect to use the zone settable midi channels to parallel keyboards and program user patches accordingly. But I need to be able to access these patches thru one settable channel (other than CH1). So that being said, what does the basic MIDI channel setting do? The Manual says NRPN and other midi messages, but can I change patches thru the MIDI channel set here? It seems that unless I use the default channels programmed into the factory presets, I will need to edit each patch just to change the midi channel and save it as a user setting. Am I missing something?
  10. XW-P1 MIDI Driver?

    I am looking for an official Casio MIDI driver, preferably one specifically for the XW-P1. Under the "Devices and Printers" section of the Control Panel on my computer, the device comes up as "CASIO USB-MIDI" with a Microsoft generic driver, not an official Casio one. I have scoured the Casio support website for a long time now in search of an official driver and nothing has come up. No drivers for this synthesizer model. No generic MIDI drivers whatsoever. Just the 1.11 firmware update and the Data Editor. All I need is a link to the MIDI driver download. I run Windows 7.
  11. I am on 1.11 and have been unsuccessful in disallowing Program Change in Controlling other Modules via Midi. I have found the following but it does not seem to do what I was to believe it would, Thanks,,,,please advise. "" Improvements Provided by This Update Version 1.10 >> Version 1.11 • Improved operation of the external part volume. • Improved certain operation. Version 1.01 >> Version 1.10 • Adds "MIDI EDIT" in Performance Edit Mode. Press the "PERFORM" button and then press the "EDIT" button to display the Performance editing screen.. You can find the following entry under "Phr Enable" in the list. Display Description Settings Mixer OUT Specifies whether or not the value is transmitted by editing Zone 1-4. Off, On PrgBnk Out Specifies whether or not value is transmitted by changing Tone Number.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Prg.. Only Program Change, Bnk.. Both Program Change and Bank MSB/LSB. Off, Prg, Bnk PrgBnk Edit This group includes program and bank value. When you press "ENTER", you can edit the following list. it is transmitted when the performance number is changed. Bank MSB Specifies Bank MSB Value. 0 to 127 Bank LSB Specifies Bank LSB Value. 0 to 127 Prog Chg Specifies Program Change Value. 1 to 128 << ""
  12. So I'm really addicted to my XW-G1 it learns me everything synth and I've rambled it at the beginning when I first had it you can do numerous things with each and every part from it lets recapitulate. The XW has. 1 : Performance mode 2 : Tone mode 3 : Step Sequencer 4 : Solo synthesizer 5 : DSP 6 : Phrase Sequencer 7 : Arpeggio 8 : Buttons Knobs and mod wheel. Those are powerful features up there which you can combine in various manners. One is triggering events like starting arpeggio , phrases manually or programming it so it starts a step sequence, Or have it modulate one of the parts while sculpting the sound using the Knobs or mod wheel. But I want to talk about the Solo-synth which is actually one of the few very powerful feature of the XW. Normally with the solo synth at first you think to create you're own sound something vintage like an Vangelis or a Moog sound which it does beautifully. Or in case of the G1 add new sampled waveform to broaden the sound spectrum or do something random by using NRPN to have all the oscillators accept noise to select waves at random creating narly new sounds (this one can be addictive ) . But did you know you can also do Oscillator Shaping alone with the solo synth. You might think what is that well its like assigning a wave to an oscillator and set the regular parameters for envelope filters etc like you would shape you're sound with how for it to modulate and sound like. Accept without the wave volume assigned to that oscillator. How you do that you might ask. Lets for example take a solo synth with lots of movement in it. I've chose on the XW-G1 P:086 Gaa-Gaa Saw select that. This principle also applies to the XW-P1. Then dive into it and turn the amp volume of all four oscillators down, Don't turn them off just set the volume completely to zero. Save this solo-synth with a new name like Shape or what you like. Now create a new Performance using this alternate solo synth on zone 1 but, before you do that (* I don't want to spoil the effect yet *) Assign for zone 2 to 3 tones and tune them to you're liking for a nice sound something like layering some pads together octave shift and fine tune them. Turn on the DSP on zone 2 and 3 (* later you can undo it in favor how the patch sound *). When you've done that add the solo-synth you've saved on zone one. Save the performance file, select the performance and play a chord. If done right you will notice zone 2 and 3 will gradually shape the way the solo-synth was made to do without sounding the solo-synth itself due to the DSP which shapes the sound while the envelope triggers. The preferred zones can be selected for the alternate shape by selecting which zone to be effected by the DSP. I've already made a few user patches with this methode and honestly its awesome, specially when using an edited Tone and DSP effect. Yet again endless possibility's discovered enjoy.
  13. xw-p1 vs xw-pd1

    hi, i'm a happy owner of the red falcon, but a cheap xw-p1 caught my attention lately, and i wanna know, if the synth sounds (solo and pcm) of those two are the same or not. i looked at the appendix of both, and from what i read (the names of the presets and patches), they are pretty close to each other, but i'm not sure. thanks.
  14. How to Simulate a Duophonic Synth on the XW-P1 (and maybe the XW-G1 too!) After decades of defaulting to polyphony, I've finally become fascinated with mono synths and the awesome Solo Synth of my XW-P1. As a result, I've also found myself interested in the duophonic play style of synths like the ARP Odyssey and Moog's Sub 37. It got me to thinking if there was a way to simulate a duophonic synth on the XW-P1 (and the XW-G1) to support that kind of sound. After a week or so of experimenting, I think I came up with a suitable way to pull it off. It won't support the full spectrum of those synths, but it does give me the ability to, for instance, play or hold single notes on one part of the keyboard, and play or hold the Solo Synth on the other. Since you obviously can't have two Solo Synths going on at the same time, the next best thing is to pair up the Solo Synth with a PCM synth tone/tones, split them using Zones, and have them share the same filter. Fortunately others like AlenK, Chas, BradMZ and others have deciphered all the elements I need to do this. The XW-P1 Companion, in particular, was really helpful to me. Also thanks to Clark Denham over on the Facebook Group who said something to me that clicked and kept me from giving up. The XW-P1 Solo Synth app for iPad was also invaluable for the fine tuning I needed to do. Once I accepted that I was going to have to work the Solo Synth and PCM tones, I set out on finding some Solo Synth tones that I liked, ones that were reminiscent of the sound I was going for. I chose a handful of them, then set out to find some PCM tones that sounded similar. I decided that I was going to need a combination of PCM tones to sound right side-by-side with a Solo Synth. In the end, I found a good match between XW LeadSyn 2, and the combination of PCM tones Slow SawLead and Seq.Square. So I put XW LeadSyn 2 in Zone 1 (so that I could later apply its filter to the other Zones), Slow SawLead in Zone 2 and Seq.Square in Zone 3. I assigned Zone 1 keys as the Lower Key Split (C- to B2) and Zones 2 and 3 both (layered) as the Upper Key Split (C3 - G9). The first test was to play Lower and Upper to hear how it sounded, and this is where the first lightbulb went off. What I really wanted to do was play the Solo Synth as the Lead, and let the PCM tones either do bass duty or just be the lower held note. So I switched my key arrangement and that was much better. So Zone 1 as Upper (C3 - G9) and Zones 2 and 3 both as Lower (C- to B2). Much better. So I played B2 and C3 (the split point) to hear how natural the progression was, but found that it sounded like it jumped an octave. So I set Zone 1 with a +1 Octave Shift, and the split matched quite naturally. The tones were close, but it required some fine tuning of the Solo Synth sound and envelope to bring it into line with the layered PCM tones. This is where the iPad app came in really handy, and with a little tweaking, I had a custom Solo Synth tone that sounded pretty much just like Slow SawLead+Seq.Square. (note: I save a lot as I go along, and even save temporary variations in case tweaking goes too far and it becomes difficult to get back. So it really helps to use that Write function on both Performance and Tone so that you can audition variations and finally choose the best combined settings) The next step is some housekeeping to help keep your sanity later on. Basically, you want to normalize the Performance. Go through the Volume/Level settings and match them, match the Reverb settings, do everything you can to get those two sides of the split to match as closely as possible. The goal is a set of keys that sounds like a single tone on a monosynth (on which you can play two notes at a time!). What comes next can be as small or big as you want. Remember that I put the Solo Synth on Zone 1 specifically so that I could apply effects and behavior that was available to the PCM tones as well (see posts like Chas's Filter All and XW surprises). For what I was working on, I wanted an automated LFO Sweep running in a cycle for all the notes. I went back to my SoloSynth tone, set (and saved!) the Cutoff and Resonance of the LPF to where I had a nice medium "growl", went to LFO and set LFO1 and LFO2, made a Virtual Controller for LFO2 routed to the Cutoff of the Filter, and added a Flanger to the DSP. Tweaked as I went along and got the sound I was looking for. Resaved the Tone. Went back to the Performance, into Zone, and set the PCM tones on Zones 2 and 3 to DSP Line "On" so that they could tap into the same effect. Tested it out across the keyboard, probably did some more tweaking and came up with a single sound I really liked. Saved the Performance. The other big lightbulb was serendipitous. I started messing with the Sequencers for the Performance, knowing that I'd probably want to assign Arpeggio to one Zone (only) and Phrase/Key Play to the other. At first I was thinking that Arpeggio would be great for an automated bassline on the Lower Split. But I was messing with the Phrase Recorder and assigned it to the Lower half (again, Zones 2 and 3). I recorded a long single C note on the Phrase Recorder and saved it. When I tried it out, I realized I had just made the Lower half a monosynth! Keep in mind that with the PCM tones in the lower half, I could still play them as poly. I would just have to be careful to play only one note at a time. But with a single note Phrase/Key Play assigned to the Lower Split, I can only play one note at a time. That, combined with the Zone 1 Solo Synth on the Upper Split gives me the "two-note monophonic" synth I was looking for. Essentially, a Pseudo Duo Synth. I saved my custom Key Play sequence, set it to be limited to the Lower Zone keys (C- to B2), set Key Play default as "On", and saved my completed Program (I even named my Program "PseuDual"). I still have some more experimenting I want to do with envelopes, and switching my Upper/Lower assignments to see how that sounds. And since I really have very little hands-on experience with actual Duophonic synths (Sub 37 coming soon), I don't know what I might be missing. Feedback from others here would be welcome and I hope that someone else will find this useful and possibly take it further. I'm not sure if I upload just the Program file if that will include the Tone and other elements, so in the next day or so I'll upload all of the associated files. I'll also try to do a video or audio demo of the results (all of this was for a specific song I've been working on). I just had some time this evening and wanted to make sure I got the basic steps down in writing before they started to drift out of my mind.
  15. Hi, i am member of Meret Band and i using Casio XW-P1 synthesizer. Enjoy it.
  16. Hello. It's a quick and simple question. I've been trying to configurate my kybd/DAW to use MIDI mappings with no success. I've been running through many websites and user manual but couldn't find the way. My XW-P1 is connected to my interface (Scarlett 18i6) with the in/out MIDI cables (however i tried with USB connection with no success), it does receive MIDI signal and the note keys do work, but I can't configure the assignable knobs/etc. When I try the MIDI mapping in my DAW, I move tke knob and it does receive MIDI data, but doesn't do the mapping at all. I tried with different control surfaces configuration (Casio doesn't appear as a control surface). With some of them, the knobs start moving "something", but i'm still not able to control "what" to move neither "how" to move it. I saw there is a Cakewalk .INS file, but I guess my DAW doesn't support those kind of files. As I said, I also tried connecting the keyboard through USB ports, with no success. Not sure if Windows drivers do affect something at all, but there are no Windows 7 USB drivers for the XW-P1 available on Casio's webpage. Despite of this, I checked my device manager and it's installed as CASIO USB-MIDI. Thanks in advance for the help. Max.
  17. Save A Prayer Tone

    Version V1.00


    Enjoy it
  18. Save A Prayer Tone

    File Name: Save A Prayer Tone File Submitter: Berk5 File Submitted: 18 Feb 2016 File Category: XW-P1 Enjoy it Click here to download this file
  19. Colaveri Lead

    Version 1.0


    My new created sound "Why This Colaveri Di" Enjoy it.
  20. Colaveri Lead

    File Name: Colaveri Lead File Submitter: Berk5 File Submitted: 02 Sep 2015 File Category: XW-P1 My new created sound "Why This Colaveri Di" Enjoy it. Click here to download this file
  21. I made a patch with brass and strings to create an old kind of country , western sound. I find that kind of music so versatile in playing style like the stabs with violins and little glissando effects. It would be a nice addition to add so far I got two patches in the works trying to get some of the country style synthesized. Heck I even try flat picking with key's )
  22. G'day all and thanks for contributing to this plethora of knowledge regarding the Casio Synths. I bought the XW-P1 last year and was completely daunted by the depth and versatility of Casio's contraption, not having any idea on what I was really buying. But I know Casio has been building digital keyboards for years and have heard from many people in the industry that they usually sound better than the rest. My biggest problem is I have no idea how to play it, but i'll persevere... I've been searching the forum for more detail on how to things. A big thanks to Patrick for the huge post on how to upload WAV files via the Casio XW Data Manager. Q.1) I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on how to create a SMF (Standard MIDI File) type 0 / or type 1 (*.mid) that will be compatible for upload to the XW-P1 ? Q.2) If this is possible are you then able to play normally over the MIDI output with all the functionality of the Synth? Q.3) I noticed upon playback of my sample .WAV file - that I was restricted to only using the solo synth tone category? There is no mention on capability during file playback in the manual on E-72 or there after. Could I edit the default synth tone? Thanks again for anyone who may answer these questions, unfortunately i have run out of time to look through http://www.casiomusicforums.com/ for an answer.... If someone knows of a document, thread or video about these things - can you please let us know? CHEERS Thanks again all! Happy Jamming !
  23. Hello As many of you would know, the XW-P1 hex layer feature is a great thing. Hear is an improv track I made using a super dirty hex layer+DSP setting. Love that Casio.
  24. Long time Casio user and first time poster In my band named IZERA, we use the Casio XW-P1, XW-G1 and the MZ-2000. We are a synthrock band from Australia. This is our newest song called Strange Games. It was made nearly entirely using the XW-P1. The MZ-2000 and real guitars were used minimally to keep up band input but the whole song could very easily been done using only the XW-P1. I cant talk the XW-P1 up enough. Its fantastic onstage and in the studio. Here is the link to the song........Enjoy