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Found 7 results

  1. 3 questions about XW-PD1 operation

    It there a simple way to octave-shift the sounds on the pads? It seems like there should be. Also, I made a beat, now I want to erase it, but Function + Clear dosen't seem to be doing the job. The manual is a little confusing. I want to erase the whole beat across all four banks at once, or one bank at a time. While I'm at it, please clear this up for me: I thought that I could layer a beat, a sample, a synth, and a PCM sound all on one bank, have 8 different patterns on that bank, then go to the next bank and do the same all the way to bank 4, and have a 32 pattern song. It looks now like I get only one sound per bank and have to make do with only eight patterns, and just toggle between those. Is that right?
  2. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    While browsing the usual music shop site I saw the PD1 had dropped considerately in price for 89 Euro's very tempting just for haves.
  3. Hi Guys, I recently bought a casio xw-pd1. I am really loving it, but have a few questions. Does anyone know how I can trim a sample or simply set the start and end point of a recorded sample. De xw-pd1 recieves start/stop/notes etc from the ipad or pc through the usb, but it does not record the events in the internal sequencer. I hope some one can provide me with some of this info, thanks in advance. I already mailt Casio support a week ago, but no reply yet. Does any one else experience automatic shut-downs when adding to many pad effects ?
  4. Recording from the XW-PD1?

    I'd like to record what I play live using a PC/notebook. Can you do that only using the USB cable or is it necessary to use RCA out? My notebook only has mic in. If only the Data Editor had a record function built-in ...
  5. Changing Octaves

    I've had about a week playing with the XW-PD1, and I'm having a blast. It's limited, but a bunch of fun. One thing that seems like it would be a pretty obvious feature, but I can't see anything about - does anybody know if there's an easy way to switch octaves? I found the method to edit the pitch of each individual pad, but apart from the key shift function, I can't see any way to easily shift the entire padset at once up or down an octave. Many thanks!
  6. I was very excited that the XW-PD1 had the Solo Synth and almost purchased a used iPad while waiting for the XW-PD1 to be released in expectation that the XW Midi Designer could be used with it to control the parameters of the Solo Synth. Since that isn’t the case and it appears that this won’t be changing in the future as there isn’t user files for saving Solo Synth sounds I truly wonder why the Solo Synth is a part of the XW-PD1. As it is, the Solo Synth seems nothing more than PCM waveforms to me but hopefully I can be enlightened otherwise. Currently I am thinking that it would have been more beneficial to have included 100 more PCM Melody waveforms than including the 100 sounds of the Solo Synth. This would have also eliminated the restriction of the Solo Synth only being used in Bank 1 as the PCM Melody waveforms can be used in any of the 4 banks. This isn’t intended to be criticism of the full blown Solo Synth. I was expecting the full blown version in the XW-PD1 and couldn’t wait to tweak sounds on it for hours on end as I think very highly of its flexibility and really like the way it sounds.
  7. How to create phrases?

    I was assuming that phrases could be created internally on the XW-PD1. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to do so. I have now downloaded the software editor in hopes that I could do so using it but am only finding that I can convert already made phrases so that they can be used in the XW-PD1. Am I missing something here? If phrases can’t be made in the XW-PD1 or using the software editor what do you recommend using to create phrases with? Thanks!