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Getting a Rhodes Organ tones????

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Hello all,


I have a Privia PX 330, and I am trying to get more tones, specifically a Rhodes Organ Tone(s) or more Electric Keyboard Tones.


Am I able to download more tones for my PX 330? If so, where?

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In modern day keyboards (ROMplers), most of the "tined" EP sounds {as opposed to FM (Yamaha DX-7) or LA (Roland D-50) synth sounds} emulate the Rhodes tones, but since the "Rhodes" trademark was returned to Harold Rhodes by Roland in 1997 and currently resides with the Rhodes heirs, you will not find it listed as such in a tone list or on a keyboard display.  So, BradMZ has a point.  Check the "tined" EP sounds on your PX-330.



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