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Shake the Disease Step Sequence

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Afternoon (or appropriate time in your location) all.


As some may know I have been spending the last few months trying to learn as much as I can about what G1 can (and cant) do. As part of this I was working on a sequence (or "Chain") for Depeche Mode's Shake the Disease, using the process to help me learn parts of the synth (which is why I took on a whole song even though I realise it's not really the primary purpose of this type of sequencer)..


Although I was originally happy with the basic sequence, time has been limited so progress has slowed, and I have become increasingly frustrated with it. The 'patterns' are ok, but whilst trying to get 'better' sounds, I found myself getting further and further away from what I was happy with. I have other sound sources, but that would have defeated the original purpose of the exercise.


Anyway, the reason for this post is I thought I would ask if anyone wanted the various files that make up this chain/sample/tone/performance package, as I am pretty sure I am not going to do much more with it. The fundamental bass/drum/percussion etc tracks are fairly accurate, and obviously you could play with the sounds yourselves to get something closer if you require. It's not a patch (pardon the pun) on the likes of the 'Sweet Dreams' contribution.. BUT it is made up of quite a few 'elements', and as I was learning as I went, they are all over the place. So I am asking first because if it is of no use, I wont worry about pulling it all together in a much tidier fashion.


I haven't used soundcloud before so I am only assuming at this stage that the link will work.


There should be Multiple disclaimers, but to keep things simple I have summarised 2:-

  • I dont sing normally (as is very apparent), I am a bassist 
  • I dont play keyboard normally (equally if not more apparent), I am a bassist


The 'out of time' parts are being played live. If it helps I can post the 'bare' chain (Which I was going to do originally, but as bad as my playing and singing are, it gives the whole thing some context.)... .



OK.. so I had an immediate attack of 'posters regret'. I am now thinking maybe the backing only (i.e. the Chain) is the way to go.


I have left the 'full' version here too in case you are particularly desperate to hear it in context or otherwise dont value your ears!!









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to save peoples ears

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Thanks xw. You are perhaps literally 'too kind' but I am vey grateful for the positive feedback.


I certainly feel that someone more skilled than I could get a bit more out of it.


Assuming we are talking about the 'backing' version, most of the parts already have a heap of internal reverb, 100% in some cases.  Because I had been focused upon the XW I intentionally used only internal effects. Maybe if I ever came back to it I'd record each part individually. Although I would probably start trying other gear for some of the sounds at that point.


Still, given my amateur status ( albeit a long term amateur) I am pleased to be able to give an indication what us less able people can do with just the G1




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You're selling yourself short, CairnsFella. That's a REAL solid effort and you're very brave to have put it up here. And now you are offering up the components of your hard work if we're interested? Colour (color) me interested! I'm a huge Depeche Mode fan from way back (REALLY back, to when this stuff was new and I was dancing to it in the clubs).

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I didnt mate, sorry.


I barely even got back to it again myself, but I'll dig them out. I hope that I havent buggered up any of the files / parameters. I had little idea of what my impact what back then (not much more idea now to be honest).


I still feel it could be much better, but it a basis for you to work from I guess.

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