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WK 6600 copy percussion tracks to SD card

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Drums get recorded to Track A-10.  If by "copied" you mean you "saved" your song to the SD Card as a Standard MIDI File (SMF), then you need to go into the MIXER and turn off Track B-10 before you do the save, otherwise the empty Track B-10 overwrites the Drum Track A-10 during the Song Sequencer file (.CMS) to SMF (.MID) conversion process.  This is explained in the precautionary note at the bottom of the left hand column of Page E-104 of the WK-6600 Owner's Manual.  This only applies when you are saving (converting, actually) to an SMF and applies to any of the "A" Tracks that contain data that you want to "save" (convert) - their correspondingly numbered "B" Track must be turned off in the MIXER prior to "saving" (conversion} or the "B" Tracks will overwrite the "A" Tracks.  You do not need to worry about this when saving to a Song Sequencer (.CMS) file, as the Song Sequencer keeps the "A" and "B" Tracks separate, but during an SMF "save" (conversion) they are "combined", so to speak.  If you have not already done so, you may want to refer to the table in the right hand column of Page E-65 of the manual for track assignments.  The "B" Tracks are for the user to use as needed, but the "A" Track functions are assigned by the keyboard's operating system, and can not be changed.  Also, if you want to add tracks to data already recorded on any of the "A" Tracks, you MUST use the "B" Tracks.  Any attemp to add "A" Tracks will result in erasure of ALL previously recorded "A" Track data.


The Song Sequencer is a 17 track sequencer.  Tracks 01 thru 16 are just standard sequencer tracks.  Those are the "B" Tracks, but Track 17, the System Track is special.  It is like what is known as a Type 0 MIDI file.  It contains another 16 tracks within itself.  Those are the "A" tracks.  They provide for recording of all data that is recorded during the "EASY RECord" process, which encompasses all of the Auto-accompaniment features, as well as the right hand main, layered, harmony, and left hand split parts.  To access the "B" Tracks, you need to use the "Single track" recording process.  So, in reality, you have a 32 track sequencer, but only as long as that data is within a Song Sequencer file, because as I said above, the Song Sequencer keeps the "A" Tracks separate from the "B" Tracks, but when you convert to an SMF, it can only have 16 tracks, per the MIDI Spec, so something has to give.  In this case, any "B" Tracks that are "ON" in the MIXER take priority and overwrite their correspondingly numbered "A" Tracks.


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I have a similar problem with my wk-6500 but still haven't found a solution.  I have been recording tracks using "Easy Record" and the sequencer.  The playback is fine.  I load them to an SD card using smf midi, but when I play it on my computer the drums are missing.  I have tried several options including live chat with Casio and have yet to find a solution.  Any suggestions?

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