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Josef Meile

Casio LK-43 Midi Events

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I bought a Casio LK-43 and right now I'm working in learning new songs other than the ones included with the keyboard. I'm working mainly with two programs:




First I import a Midi on the first program: Anvil Studio. Then I add the fingering instructions by creating a new track and using the voice #99 (percussion) and sending the midi notes #84 until #88 (one, two, three, four, and five woman voice sounds)


Then with the other software, I started it in learning mode and it will wait till I press the right keys.


The only question is that I also would like to highlight the fingers on the keyboard's display. The same way as with the included demo songs do. With Anvil Studio you can send Midi events/messages (general midi or custom system specific messages). So my question: Does anybody knows if there are specific Midi messages to highlight the fingers on the keyboard's display?


Best regards




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