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Is the DJ1 more a controller with effects than a standalone unit?

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Quick question for anyone familiar with the DJ1. All the videos I've seen of it in use show it controlling DJ apps/ software, most with an iphone connected and running "reactor" software. Is it more a controller unit with effects than a self contained standalone unit? It's the sibling to the PD1, yet the PD1 seems to be capable of running completely as a standalone unit as well as when hooked up to a DAW. The DJ1 meanwhile only seems to open up once connected to DJ1 apps/ software.


I might have the option of getting a DJ1 for a good price, but to be honest, I can't see what it offers that I could really use in the set up I have and for the type of music I do. 


Anyone out there with first hand experience able to highlight its main feature points and how it might be utilised in a studio?



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