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Ok, had the Xp about 5 months now, and learning all the time, time is my main enemy hence taking so long! lol

I can create/edit patterns and just started Chaining bars together (this is what i mainly purchased it for the chaining function) this works really well for my intended use.

I want to get a deep base sound.... when using the step sequencer and recording a base line manually i can get the right pitch i want for the base, (when recording the base I octave shift down)
When I take this base pattern and use it in a Chain starting on B, it moves the whole lot up, i want it to play the B below C to get a mellower base rather than high end B
spent a fair bit of time trying to work this out.... any ideas?

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Sorry for late reply. Did you try changing the transpose ("key shift") parameter in the chain for the patterns in question? (See page E-60 in the XW-P1 USer's Guide.) By "move the whole lot up" it sounds like the pattern has been transposed from where it was when you recorded it, for whatever reason (they SHOULD play back by default at the same pitches you recorded). Changing the key shift parameter for those patterns wherever you call them up in the chain might get them back to where they were.  

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