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Help with MZ 2000 registration

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Hey there :)
Hey i was wondering if i get some assistance with trouble shooting saving registrations on my MZ 2000
I cannot get mine to retain external mixer settings and some of the dsp settings.
With the dsp, if i save a registration to say 1-1, and then change to a different registration say 1-2 and then go back to 1-1, some of the dsp will not be as was saved as. Levels and settings will be different.
The only way around it is to reset all parameters and then go to the registration i want but that is not good when playing live.
With the external mixer settings, when i back up the mz to disk, none of the external parts are saved. The external parts also do not save as part of a registration.

I have enabled every "ON" i can find in dsp and the mixer and menus.
The dsp is the real deal breaker for me right now as i cant tell what is going to happen when i change registrations live.
If you can help that would be awesome :)

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As an update,  Aside from the external mixer settings, I think I can confirm that what ever it is, it is to do with the master reverb and chorus not storing correctly.
I can edit a registration, save it, go to a different registration and then go straight back again to find that all the master dsp levels have changed.
I have DSP hold set to on, and all of the mixer options set to on.
Anyone else found this with their MZ?

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