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Casio Sa-10: getting rid of Button Click Sound

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There isn't a way to turn it off. The manual states it's there to let you know when a button is pressed - when it stops clicking it means the parameter is at it's min or max value. I understand it's a pain when playing live, but this keyboard was not really designed to be used that way as it's a home/learning keyboard. My suggestion for using it live is to use a mixer to cut the volume, make your adjustments on the keyboard, and then bring the volume of the mixer back up. 

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The SA-series is a softsynth on a chip that mixes all sounds in software. The chip has only a single audio output pin, so there are no hardware means to disable it.

Bigger versions with no button click noise and the same sound engine (small changes like higher piano resolution, different rhythm set) are MA-220 (49 midsize keys), CT-400 (fullsize version) and CT-840 (49 fullsize keys, rom-pack, key lighting).

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