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Larry Goodwin

Privia PX-130 making helicopter sounds

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Just a guess because I've never heard this happen on a keyboard. But it sounds like a low frequency oscillator when it somehow malfunctions and "self-oscillates" (gets stuck in a sound-loop).


Can you initiate a factory reset with the PX130? Check the power supply although I'm pretty sure that isn't the problem but it's possible-if the PX isn't getting sufficient voltage this could cause it. Also check your sound effects settings (DSP) reverb, chorus whatever the PX130 has as an effect. If one of these got out of wack somehow, could be coming from a reverb setting self-oscillating. And could be the sampling tables generated to make a sound are scrambled in a software error-Is this happening with all the sounds or just the piano? And is it happening in a specific key range, or with all the keys, or even from a specific key? Try one key at a time to see if you can isolate something specific. If one of the key contacts internally is defective, intermittent or shorting out, this could also trigger a software malfunction-the keyboard ic chips are constantly scanning the keys and if there is even dirt in a contact causing a stuck key, this will screw up the scanning sequence and might make the keyboard self-oscillate. Sorry to get so detailed, but troubleshooting a keyboard can present several possible sources of malfunction, and I've had to do this troubleshooting with other keyboards so can speak from (some limited) experience.


Usually an electronic malfunction that occurs after something warms up is caused by a bad solder joint or cable connection internally that is expanding, although since there is so little heat inside these keyboards, this is another longshot, unless it is the power supply failing since these warm up after a few minutes and can fail to produce full voltage if there is a marginal component or solder joint. 


Might have to have this serviced by Casio or any good keyboard tech if you have any in your area, but try as posted above first including another power supply if you have one.

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