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CDP-130 not turning on

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Hey everyone,


My 3 months old casio cdp 130, just broke, seems like. 

Last week I was playing it, until suddenly there was no sound anymore... I could not even turn off the piano (red light stayed on) so I unplugged the power court, plugged in again: it did not turn on; though one mystery. As long as I press the turn on/off button  the red light flashes on. But nothing else. 

However, sometimes when I press it (I try everyday to turn it on) the red light turns on, but no sound. I can't turn it off, I have to unplug..


Do you have any ideas? Or just get it repaired? Still have warranty. 




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I did not have such problem with my CDP-130 which I owned for a year (I have traded it in for a different piano).

I would take it as a good chance to get rid of it (Actually I did say a lot good words about CDP in the past).

There is no reason to buy CDP at all, since for extra ~$100 you can get PX-160 by far better instrument in terms of a sound.

Plus, if you do want the piano - PX has option to attach SP-33 which is a triple pedal unit.

Sorry to hear that you have to deal with this unpleasant issue.

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