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Greetings to all,

Has anyone had the urge to create a metronome other than the one provided with our AP (or most PX for that matter)?  As I am mostly a beginner both at learning the basics of piano and venturing into the possibilities offered by my AP-650, I need to practice my Muzio Clementi part with a metronome as requested by my piano teacher.  But the AP (and/or PX) metronome (especially the *DING*) is driving me literally UP the walls.  Has anyone programmed/created a metronome sound from the rhythms section (into a “User Rhythm) for the same reason that I am hoping to achieve: use a friendly non-abrasive metronome sound that can be recorded on the USB flash key as I wish to report via Internet to my piano teacher with a wav (or MP3 once transformed) file of the part (Muzio) accompanied by the friendly metronome creation.  This metronome rhythm could simply be “Wood Block” in 8 beat rhythm accentuated/punctuated by an effect such as reverb, different pitch (if possible) or simply greater volume.

I have been reviewing the user manual for several minutes (read hours) and venturing in trying to achieve this goal but without any foreseeable success.

Can anyone here (Casio AP/PX tech-savvy friend) please help hoping this might come in handy to others as well?

Many thanks in advance.


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I'm not familiar with the model of Casio you have, but if you set the metronome beats to 0 on some Casio models, there is no ding or bell on 1.


If you really want to drive yourself crazy, you can set the beats to 1 and it dings every time! :lol: :banghead:

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EUREKA!!  Thanks to you Joe, the *DING* is no more :banana: 

Well at least as soon as I save this parameter correctly.  In essence, I now get the sound of a classical mechanical wind-me-up metronome.  Which is a milestone compared to what I had to endure from the nagging DING!!! bell. 

Yet, I remain bewildered at the fact that I still cannot create/program such a simple thing.  All the desired sounds are readily available in my AP-650 as it is the case with the PX-350 and the PX-780 (my bad about thinking the «Rhythm Accompaniment» and the « User Rhythms» were also available with the AP-700 as well as other Celviano and Privia boards).  The User Guide makes it ALMOST TOO SIMPLE to achieve.  Or maybe, just maybe, it’s just me?

Out of hard-headedness, I will keep on trying to achieve this and if I do, I will post & share the solution... until then, all help would be greatly appreciated should any savvy owners of the PX-350, PX-780 or AP-650 have an idea how to better interpret (read DECODE) the USER GUIDE to reach this goal.


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