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Sound Addiction Sample Looper Set - WIP

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Sound Addiction Sample Looper Set - WIP

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Hello I've uploaded a sample looper performance set I've been working on off and on.

I've build sounds what I like or for certain music projects its a work in progress (WIP)


Some of the performances need the knobs to create a sound scape. 

Some performances need octave shift or octave transition shift.

Some performances are just not finished some are.

Most performances have no category yet nor or are ordered in that form.

Some performance may sound lame while others have something interesting.

Some step sequence are harsh while others miss a certain kit some are just cool.


I'm always building music in the sampler so you might want to check what I've

left there first be warned I used headphones mostly so it might sound different

on the speaker. Also the kind of music I do is a bit fruity and weird so be warned :)


Everything is a bit sloppy but I'm one to take the moment of creation and go at it.


This ZAL file will erase most of you're own performances so be sure to backup your own 

files first before installing this one. 




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