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I present to you. Discculated my English of dictionary I write to you from Spain.


MY RECENT PURCHASE - CASIO ORIENTAL AT-3 (270€) new old stock.


 I just bought an Casio Oriental AT-3. The only options I had to have an extra library of oriental sounds was this model since the other brands like yamaha or korg are very expensive. The Quarter Tone scale that incorporates this keyboard to fine-tune the Arabic scale is extremely interesting.


I have commented the seller that is compatible with the sounds of the series CTK 7000 onwards. The Casio Oriental brings 800 sounds (54 Arabic instruments sounds like "Oud", "Nay", "Pungi", "Qanun", "Kawala", "Mizwar", "Kaman", "Sitars") and I was surprised they are really good, as well as "tabla" or "tambura" sounds. Rhythms brings 250 (83 Orientals).


It is difficult to get a keyboard that comes with sounds of the world, and I am very happy because apart from the traditional sounds of piano, organ, strings, etc ... it is interesting to have this palette of sounds. The kits percussion arabic is very nice, Indian, Turkish, Iranian, Bangladesh, etc ...


I can download the rhythms of the ctk series on this keyboard ?, in view the ctk 7200 and the at-3 are esthetically the same, except that the ctk has the dragbars to adjust the hammond organ sound and the at-3 has the mini -key to adjust the quarter tone tones.


Thank you!

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