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Mike Levesque

Data Manager can't connect to my keyboard

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So about 6 months ago I got a CTK-4400 keyboard. Right now I'm trying to transfer files from my keyboard to my PC with Data Manager, but it doesn't work. It says my keyboard is "disconnected" I followed the same steps that I use for Musescore. 

-Connect USB from keyboard to PC

-Turn on keyboard

-Put keyboard on rhythm mode

-Open Data Manager

Yet it doesn't work. I've tried multiple times and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. And it's really frustrating cuz I have a medley to transfer to my PC and it just doesn't wanna work. Help?


P.S.: I made sure to download the software for CTK-4400 but it says the package file is CTK-7300. What's with that?


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Added something I didn't notice when writing original post

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Please note the date to the right of the original poster's name.  You are responding to a thread that is almost a year old.  I have no idea what the final resolution was on this, but I am sure the original poster either has a resolution, or has given up in frustration by now.  Even so, I am glad you revived this thread, as it makes my point in your other recent post, on transferring tone files to your keyboard.  I stated that we need to know the model of your keyboard, and this post is a very good example why.  The original poster states that he has the correct version of Data Manager software, yet the image he posted indicates the he is running Data Manager 6.1, and that is exactly his problem.  The CTK-4400 will not work with Data Manager 6.1.  It needs Data Manager 5.0.  So, in your other recent thread, we are going to need to make sure the version of your Data Manager software correctly matches your keyboard model, or we can end up wasting a lot of time and effort.


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