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LK-170 connection on windows 10?

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I recently received an LK-170. Apparently you can play MIDI files from your computer to the keyboard via a USB connection. However when I play a midi file nothing happens on my keyboard.


I can confirm that the drivers/software have installed correctly and that the USB cable is not faulty. I am also playing the MIDI files from VanBosco's Karaoke player as other forums have recommended.


Is there something I am not doing right or is windows 10 not able to make a proper connection with the LK-170 (I noticed in the manual it said it was only compatible with up to windows 8.1)


If windows 10 is the issue, is there a workaround?

Thanks for any help!

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I am not familiar with that karaoke player app.  Typically a midi app has midi configuration settings for input and/or outputs.  Look for that and set it to Casio usb midi.

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