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Vintage Sounds Versus EDM sounds In The Mix.

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Whatever sound your trying to make Vintage or EDM Solo-synth or Performance if you want the sound to break through,

the mix when using the sample looper or Daw don't make any use of the EQ unless there are certain 

frequency needed balancing it in the mix. 


Just my two cents of tips. 

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Very good tips. In the "old days" it was easy to figure out from past works what sounds worked best together -- with electronic music it's a lot of trial and error. Much of my time is spend trying to see how different synth sounds blend and find their "space" in the mix. Sometimes it sound like cats in a blender, other times it's just perfect.  I love the process of trying to find unheard sounds and make them sound perfect with other unheard sounds. It's like discovering new life.  :)


Ok, back to it.. To boldy go .............


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