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Hi everyone, 


I'm new in this forum, recently I bought a Casio LK 280 to start playing piano, but I don't know if there is a midi secuence library to this keyboard, I tried download a diferent MIDI songs from the internet but the lightning key board doesn't light only plays the song. I configured the songs to the channel 3 and 4 but it doesn't work, so thats why ask you, if you know some songs for this keyboard that I can download?



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Yamaha has its Musicsoft library site with files for its arranger keyboards.  Those files will not work on Casio keyboards, and to my knowledge, there is no equivalent library site for Casio products.  However, here is a link to a YouTube tutorial for converting Standard MIDI Files, that can be downloaded from the internet, so that they are compatible with the "Lesson" features in the Casio "LK" keyboards.  As stated in the tutorial, the downloaded files must have right hand and left hand note data on separate MIDI tracks/channels.  If that data is combined into a single track/channel, it is next to impossible to separate it to make it compatible with the "LK" Lesson features.  The procedure is to simply shift the MIDI note data to the correct tracks/channels that are recognized by the "LK" Lesson features. You will need DAW or sequencer software on your computer to perform these modifications.  If you do not already have this software, I recommend "Anvil Studio" that is mentioned in the tutorial.  It is a free download, and is fairly simple and straight forward without the large learning curve of most commercial packages.




You can download Anvil Studio from:




Good luck !


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