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Create user-defined temperaments? (Not just the listed 17)

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In PX-5S, can I save user-defined temperaments, in which I give my own cents value to the musical scale? Like the 17 temperaments named on page E-37 of the Tutorial, except that I want to make my own adjustments to the scale; so I can save the scale as my own Custom scale.


I see there's a “FINE TUNE” function of +/- 99 cents defined on pages E-32 and E-37, but it’s unclear if this function refers to all notes in all scales being moved by that amount (the same as ‘tuning’), or individual notes.


To further clarify: to get my own temperament I need all the ‘A’ notes to be adjusted together (A1, A2, A3 etc.), say up 15 cents; and then all the ‘A#’ notes to be adjusted differently (A#1, A#2, A#3, etc.) together, say down 12 cents; and so on for each note. This would create my own temperament.


It’s unclear to me whether the PX-5S can do this. It looks like ‘fine tune’ applies to all the notes (A,A#,B,...) of the scale at once, which would not work.


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