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Sample Looper Recording Quirks.

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I record in the sample looper quiet often well actually almost anytime.

The looper has a beauty to it that it can record in mono / stereo at two

different rates 21khz and 42 khz . 


Each of these rates has different recording time the higher fidelity are thus 

shorter the recording at 4 sec and the lower fidelity has 9 to 19 sec longer. 


The sampler has lots to offer in sampling with four different modes.  

The manual explains what each of these do.


Interesting part is which beat length to use and here the fun stuff comes 

I've noticed a simple groove that is catchy takes a length of 8 to do think

pop, rock , latin or EDM drops etc. 

With a length of 16 things get going long chords as in IDM, a catchy bit of

inspiration also ideal pop, rock , latin etc.

With a length of 4 things speed up something like an outro ,fast break 

a mood built up or chiptune which are catchy repetitive quirks of sound.


The tones are ideal to craft something up to start by layering sounds one by

one, And once you've created a performance things get really going.

Especially Super Mario or C64 chiptune song making the solo-synth is ideal 

as are the saw and sine tones from the tone menu. 


(* I'm in the process of arranging performances for the looper check the download for XW-G1 soon *)

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