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Release Only Possible Total length From Tone Sample

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I was building a performance containing tone 288 and two others. 

Tone 288 is a VA tone with a drop and rise at the end which continuous

as long as the keys are hold.


I like the first segment of that tone and tried to cut the rest of by editing

it and make the release long enough before that typical part comes to

bit and have the release draw it short how I wanted it.


But while editing that tone the release holds good on +00 to 64+ until,

trying to get it short while setting value's from -00 to -64 it keeps the

full play from beginning to the end of sample where I would expect the

tone to be just long enough as the release to be.


Nothing happens the value's only seem to work from +00 up to 64+.

Is that how far editing a tone gets to be or is there a fault at work.


I do have a work around containing arpeggio and step sequencer but

it makes that tone monophonic which I don't want.  

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There is no fault.  Before I continue, I wanna explain this.  Casio is using two types of editing for their tones, offset and absolute.  XW series and older models are using offset editing for everything.  PX-5S and newer models allow user access to absolute editing for hex layer tones.  Offset type editable parameters look like this (-64 +63) with zero always representing the factory default. Absolute editable parameters look like this (0-127) with the factory default displayed as any number within that range.  


Example: Casio programmed release time for a tone to be as short as possible. That absolute value has to be zero.  This is the case with "VA Synth 4".  When the user presses edit, we see an editable offset that reads zero, not Casio's absolute value of zero set at the factory. The offset allows the user to subtract 64 from the absolute value or add 63 to it. Since the preset absolute value is already at zero, we cannot subtract anything from it.  We can only add.  This why you notice an effect on release time with positive values and do not with negative ones. 


So to do what you want, you'll have to resample the tone or release the note at the point you want it to stop.  Release time parameters only affect what happens after the note is released. Decay level and decay time would do what you want, but that is not available here.  

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Oh I see this gives me new insight. I've did a work around with arpeggio but kept sampling the 

tone also as another substitute option. But now I know about Offset and Absolute editable parameters.


There are elements in the tone voices I like very much thank you I'll experiment it out on the PX5S.

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Maybe on performance mode you could assign a knob to decay (or release) and see if it works. I will try it later.


Nope, doesn't work, sorry!

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