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receive midi light up the keys

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I'm about to buy Lk-280, but before doing so, I would like to ask you a specific question.

I would like to use lk-280 in a certain configuration with my DAW:

While enabling "key lights off" mode; would piano keys still light up when lk-280 will receive midi signal from my computer?

In other words: I want to be able to press down a key without it being lit up. However I would like the key lights to be controlled by midi signal from my computer (via usb cable) simultanously. I don't want to see feedback of my fingers, just midi notes coming from my computer.

It would be perfect if it is possible.


Thanks for helping me.



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No!  The Key Lighting feature of the LK keyboards is not that sophisticated.  When Key Lighting is ON the keys will light when a "Note On" signal is received from any of the three possible sources - the key board, the internal song player, or an external sequencer (PC, etc), but it can not differentiate among the sources - that is ON for one of the sources while OFF for the others.



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