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How about this James May Casio solo on Topgear!

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Season 6, episode 11-around 17 minutes in. Probably one of the more genius uses of a Casio keyboard. Apparently james may has a degree in music-and towards the end, Duane Allman gets the credit he deserves.  I believe the great piano solo in this original track (not on a Casio) was the incomparable Chuck Leavell, who also arranged this, probably one of their finest arrangements, though they had many IMHO.



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Sorry left some info hanging here. The Allman Brothers band performed an arrangement years ago called "Jessica". The TV show "Top Gear" so popular in the  UK and Europe for many years before us poor deprived US'rs ever even saw it, took a modified version of this arrangement as their title song to the show. In this episode, the celebrated James May does something very interesting using a simple Casio keyboard as a starting point, as well as an array of very interesting and expensive, rare cars-and the theme song "Jessica".  Great show by the way.

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