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CTK 5000 - learn music from outside of the keyboard database

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I would like to know if I can take lessons of songs from my mobile or pc, in the keyboard like the lessons from the keyboard database.


If so, please help me out with the steps or provide a link.

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Here is a link to a YouTube video that explains how to convert generic Standard MIDI Files (SMF) to work with the "LK" (Lighted Key) Casio models.  Granted, the CTK-5000's keys do not light up, but this procedure just puts the left hand (bass clef) and right hand (treble clef) notes into the proper tracks so that the file will work, not only with the key lighting system, but with the other "learning" features that the CTK-5000 shares with the "LK" series.





The Anvil Studio DAW/sequencer software mentioned in the video can be downloaded from:




As stated in the video, this procedure only works if the left hand (bass clef) notes and right hand (treble clef) notes are on SEPARATE tracks in the MIDI file.  If they are on the same track, they would first need to be split into separate tracks.  Some higher end DAW/sequencer software will attempt to do this for you automatically, but unfortunately, Anvil Studio is not that sophisticated.  It can be done manually by copying the "common" track to an identical "common" track, then deleting all notes below Middle C from one track (making it the treble clef track) and deleting all notes Middle C and above from the other track (making it the bass clef track).  Then use the video procedure to get the now separate clefs onto the proper tracks to work with the Casio "learning" features.  For scores that get very complex around Middle C, this may not always work out exactly right, but for the simple scores that you would want to adapt to this use, it should work OK most of the time.


Good luck !


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