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Loading rhythms problem

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I get the rhythm from my friend but he used Yamaha. I try to load all rhythm into my casio px360m by USB but no files in there.

i am a new Casio piano user anyone have any idea? 

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With the exception of the MZ-X300/500, Casio products can not use rhythm files ("styles") from Yamaha products or vice versa.  They are designed entirely different, and there are currently no converter products for them.  There are a few here who have done conversions manually by playing Yamaha style files on Yamaha keyboards as they record them as Standard MIDI Files (SMF), and then convert them to the old Casio CKF format with the old Casio IDES MIDI-to-RHYTHM converter module.  This is a very tedious process, and more often than not, gives much less than desireable results.  If you are interested in that, I will leave it to those who have experience with it to assist you.


If you want some additional ready-made rhythm files for your PX-360, you will find them here:


http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/files/file/1080-old-casio-ac7-rhythm-style-files/     (50 files)


http://music.casio.com/e/data_ex4/rhythm.html     (108 files)


The first link is to rhythm files for the CTK/WK-6XXX/7XXX models in the new AC7 format and the second is to rhythm files for the WK-3300/3800/8000 in the old CKF format, but most (or all) of them should work OK or very well "as is" in the PX-360.  These are all Casio designed files from the official Casio-Europe site.

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