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Can't record to USB/copy to piano from USB/play from USB

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We have a wav file that we want to either save to the piano or play from the USB.

USB has been formatted on the piano as per instructions, then a wav file copied from computer to folder in MUSICLIB as per instructions onto the USB.

Piano doesn't  find wav file in the folder on the USB. Can't save to piano, can't play from USB.

weve tried this with multiple USBs but are having the same issue.


Can anyone advise a step by step procedure? Have followed the difficult instructions in the manual exactly but no go.



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The MUSICLIB folder on the USB Flash Drive is for the storage of MIDI-based User Songs, not audio (WAV) files.  Audio (WAV) files are stored in the AUDIO folder, which is created automatically by the Celviano the first time you record a performance to an audio file.  You should also be able to create this folder manually on a computer.  Audio (WAV) files are stored solely in the AUDIO folder on the USB Flash Drive and are played directly from there.  They are not stored in nor played from the Celviano's internal memory like the MIDI-based User Song files.  All files in the AUDIO folder must follow the file naming convention of TAKE01.WAV to TAKE99.WAV or the Celviano will not be able to find them, so audio files from external sources will need to be renamed to follow this naming convention on a computer before being copied to the AUDIO folder.  You do not say what model of Celviano you own, but the above information appears at the top of the left hand column on Page 46 of the AP-650 manual.  If you do not own the AP-650, check your manual for a section titled: "Storing Standard Audio Data (WAV) Files to a USB Flash Drive" or something to that effect.  Audio files from external sources must be in the Microsoft Windows standard 16-bit/44.1KHz format, or the Celviano will not be able to play them.


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