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rtm uhm....cant auto harmonize

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red the blanking manual....but....still cant get auto harmonize to sound?????what am i doing wrong

checked mixer , balance...they seem to be on 127 volumes uhm.....its probably something newbie simple

do i have to have rythms on ? or auto accompanianment on

have it on/highlighted in main and also in the rythms page...?


sorry ...newbie cant figure this one out

going to try the facebook page as a redundant test




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yes just got it but on page en42 it fails to mention turning on auto accompaniament i think...i'm a little bleary

now using the rhythm editor i've about got what i want ...a silent left hand for holding chords and the cool auto harmony on the right big band style

i wouldnt mind if the left hand had just a single tone like acoustic bass


cant seem to save the "blank" rhythm settings with no instruments selected it reverts to these very cheesy and awful strings...hmmmm

i know maybe its registration or something but when i exit the window in edit rhythms it reverts and is unsavable....

is this some kind of hold down the store button and press rhytmn? midi rec? or should i do this in the mixer settings somehow....

what port a b or c is i hardly know....i know now that port c is the midi recorder

is port b the rhythms? ha

yes i am quite the newbie...i'm not complaining and i have read the manual....at least a bank and forth about 8 times

but its crazy how you have to jump around when redundant sub menus would have done the trick ...or to save you guys time its pretty cheap to put a ? help file next to every setting...its just text  (press question mark....press button you need troubleshooting with)

thanks for the info

if you could help me get a blank rhythm setting that would be great.....i'm almost there....can probably do it on my own tommorrow with extended reading about registrations and the mixer.....

i want this to eventually to be usable with the midi recorder without me having to keep the rhythm edit screen open


to do what i wanted in midi rec  i had to hold down the store button and press midi rec/play to reset some kind of midi headers...maybe this is similar....as you can tell i hate midi /manuals ha well sort of.....and easter eggs hunts....i dont think it was a newbie fault and laziness for the above midi rec solution


thanks for any help doing unusual auto harmony experiments!

alan :)

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by the way i have reread adding harmony to melody notes in the manual....en-42

no mention of turn on auto accomp.

not so straightforward....sorry

not all steps were shown....

why should auto harmony be automatically associated with auto accompaniament?

i can see how both could be kept seperate

i can see why customers get frustrated when a manual is a bit obtuse....

most things are fairly straightforward but others not....



the right hand auto harmony is a chord...can i set each note to a different tone????/hmmmmm


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well....i'm having fun....!!!! whee....keyboard is starting to respond properly to all my button and menu selecting

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I thoroughly apologize for the above "interruptions".  I had a Java Script problem that was trashing my replies, when I tried to edit them.  I now have a brand new copy of Java, so hopefully I can get this done.  You have posted comments and questions above that need to be addressed:


re: Auto-Harmonize being tied to Auto-Accompaniment - As far as I know, this is typical of all arranger keyboards, and has been since their inception, even to the days of home organs with Auto-Accompaniment that preceded modern day keyboards.  An "arranger" keyboard is one that has Auto-Accompaniment.  Auto-Harmonize "grew" out of Auto-Accompaniment.  The design assumption appears to be that those players who do not need/want Auto-Accompaniment will also not need/want Auto-Harmonize, as they will have the skills to play their own right hand harmony.


re: Being able to select a different tone from the main melody tone for Auto-Harmonize.  To my knowledge, the only arranger keyboards that offer this are high-end competitor models that sell for considerably more than the Casio models.


re: An onboard "Help" feature:  A very good idea, but as above, I have only seen anything like this on the top of the line mid-range priced and high-end competitor models.


re: The implication that "we" should implement the above "Help" feature, as it would be cheap and would make things easier for us "guys". First of all, I think you would find that, as good an idea as it would be, it would not be as cheap as you surmise, but your wording leads me to believe that you are under the impression that many(?)/most(?) of us here are Casio employees.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  For the most part we are just common folks, not unlike yourself, with a common interest, that have gathered here to share our knowledge, experience, and more often that we care to admit, our mutual frustrations with these endeavors, particularly with the manuals.  Most of us can empathize with your frustrations as a new-comer, as we have also been there - and not really all that long ago.  This forum is in no way owned or operated by Casio.  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride along with the rest of "us".


And . . . now , , , to the really important stuff . . .


re: That "cheezy" drone you get when you make a chord with Auto-Accompaniment turned on, but without a rhythm running/playing:  Here again, this is typical of all arranger keyboards, and has been since their inception - all the way back to the home organ days,  Whatever tone or tones it uses are fixed.  It/they can not be changed.  If you want a steady (non-rhythm) accompaniment chord tone of your selection, you need to "split" the keyboard, select the left and right hand tones of your choice, and play, but the trade-off is that you do not have Auto-Accompaniment or Auto-Harmonize with this set up.


re: Modifying rhythms:  Yes!  With the 560's Rhythm Editor, you should be able to modify various rhythm parameters, as well as turning various instrument parts on or off and/or adjusting their level, pan, etc, then saving them to User Rhythms for future recall.  See Steps 7 thru 14 in the right hand column of Page EN-43 and Step 15 at the top of the following page for saving modified User Rhythms for future recall.


OK - I think I finally got it all.  I see you are starting to make progress with that beast.  That's great.  That means you can start enjoying it more.


Best of luck !


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thanks tnicoson!

stay off the nicotine your dad used to do....ha

it sort of works with a split keyboard but i get some wierd artifacts...right hand being delayed etc...

if i remember right

thanks again for the long reply


********once again i want to warn people about using the distortion dsp with a new expression pedal!  turn the volume wayyyyy down!!!!

luckily i didnt blow my speakers!

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Thank you for your Post, as I had the same question regarding Auto Harmonize on my PX-780 and after playing with it for a while, I noticed that I had to turn on Auto Accompaniment in order for it to work and the Manual forgot to mention that, and Yes I also get that cheesy sound from the left hand chords which I wished it wasn't there and I was hoping there was a solution for that, but after reading this post sounds like I have to live with it.  I'm just a beginner and trying to learn both the keyboard and playing it.


Thanks again for this post.

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I don't own a PX560 but I think I might be able to help a little. You should be able to edit the rhythm parts in the accompaniment. On Casio products that is normally done in the mixer. You should be able to turn the channel with the droney strings or pad to zero so it doesn't sound. There should also be a way to substitute other instruments in the accompaniment. I have a CTK 7000 which your PX560 is loosely based off of and I can use the drawbars for the organ that double as faders to substitute other instruments in mixer mode.This is how to edit a preset  rhythm. Please look at you manual to see how this works on your 560

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