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Duophonic Emulation

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Duophonic Emulation

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Here is a simple patch to illustrate emulation of duophonic operation using the normally monophonic Solo Synth. It is able to play two pitches at once from the keyboard. If you press one key both Syn1 and Syn2 play the key's pitch, as expected. If you press two keys the first one that is detected will play Syn1 and the second one will play Syn2. If you press additional keys Syn2 will play the pitch of the last key pressed while the pitch of Syn1 will not change.


While the tones used in this example are very simple there is no reason they could not be more complex with different waveforms, envelopes, filtering, etc.


This tone was created on a XW-P1 but there is no reason it should not also work on the XW-G1.


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