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Only certain Casio models have specific Device ID's.  The CTK/WK models do not.  Instead, they use the "generic" Device ID of 7F.


The first three hex codes of a Casio CTK/WK System Exclusive Message would be as follows:


F0 Message Header


Either 7E for a Non-Real-Time Sysex Message or 7F for a Real-Time Sysex Message


7F Generic Device ID Code


So  a CTK/WK Non-Real-Time Sysex Message would take the form:  F0  7E   7F  XX  XX  XX  XX  etc,


and a CTK/WK Real-Time Sysex Message would take the form:        F0  7F  7F  XX  XX  XX  XX  etc


Models which do use specific Device ID's normally allow the  ID to be changed (set) within the device's MIDI setup menu, and are used for directing messages to the correct device in multiple device MIDI-THRU chains.  As a matter of fact, the above discussion should apply to any of the Casio models that do not use specific Device ID's.



If you have further questions or discussions regarding the CTK-2400, we have a sub-section further on down the forum main page that is dedicated to the CTK/WK models.  You made this post in the XW Synth General Discussion, which can delay responses:




CTK-2400 discussions would go in the Other CTK/WK Models sub-section.


Also, it is best to title your post specifically to the subject at hand.  It will get quicker attention by the properly experienced members that way.




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