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Baffled by FX Blocks and Pad Effects

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Having a problem figuring out the relationship of the FX blocks on the Trackformer XW-PD1. If I'm understanding it correctly there are 4 FX blocks that can be triggered simultaneously in a sequence. Block D is a global reverb so really 3 FX can be simultaneously triggered from pads.
In the Trackformer Studio Effects tab there seems to be something called an Effect Data Selector with a Preset and a User section. How does this relate to the pads? Are they some sort of global FX setup and how do I access them from the XW-PD1 without using the editor and how are they applied? I'm really not understanding how the Sequences and Patterns for the separate Banks of instruments relates. Are they some sort of Global effect for each instrument bank and how can they be engaged? Do I assign them to a single pad? If so then how can I choose the effect from the list thats in the Effect Data Selector? For example if I wanted to use Effect Data Selectror>Area 184 >Gater-Break on a specific pad or just have it act globably with the either the assignable fader or the 2 FX knobs. Its all very confusing and not clearly covered in the manual. Would appreciate if anyone has some insight into this. 

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My susggestion is to look at the preset step sequences and study how they are setup using the editor for easier viewing. 

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