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Privia PX-360 sequencer - 100 songs limit - How to copy tracks between songs

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I have a px-360 which I bought one year ago for the whole family, but mainly for my 7 years old kid.

One of the reasons for choosing that model is the internal sequencer.

My son always loved to fiddle with his recordings, so I thought that might be important for him, but I also knew that forcing him to use a DAW to do that would have killed his interest. So I went for a model with a bult-in multitrack. I just regret that there is no way to add an audio track from an external mic, that would have made it perfect, but anyway..


And indeed he spent countless hours making up music and recording it.

The main problem is that, while his little songs are normally short, the piano will not allow storing more than 100 pieces, independently from their length.

I encouraged him to store multiple recordings in the same song file, as separated tracks. But he often forgot.

Now we are at 90 files and 100 is not far away anymore.


So, given each file allows for 16 tracks, I was planning to bring together in a single file 16 single track files, delet the original files and make some space that way.
He can then listen to his recordings by setting the relative track to "solo" playback.


But I only see an option to copy tracks within the same song.

Is there a way to move or copy tracks *between* songs instead?


Alternative suggestions on tackling the 100 songs limit, while keeping it within the piano, would also be very welcome




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