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Debbie M

WK 7500 transposed itself and won't reset

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I wasn't sure what title to give this weird problem.  I've had the keyboard several years with no problems up to now.  Singing along to something I was playing today it seemed higher pitched than usual and on checking, although I was playing in the key of D it was actually the key of E (hope that makes sense!). The keyboard isn't showing as being transposed. The weird thing is the accomp still plays in the right key (so I can't play with accomp). I've tried everything I can think of to solve the problem including returning the keyboard to factory settings. Is there something I'm missing?


OK after spending hours trying to solve this problem it now seems to have solved itself :-)

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Problem solved!

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Since the accompaniment was not transposed, then the keyboard could not have been globally transposed, and that is why it did not show as being transposed.  Only your selected tone was transposed.  This could have been caused by a pitchbend wheel that was stuck out of its normal zero position, particularly having it out of its zero position when the keyboard is powered up, or a pitch bend wheel that has become defective.  It could also be caused by selecting a User Tone that has been transposed, or having a registration active that had selected a transposed User Tone, or a Mixer Coarse or Fine Tune setting that was transposing the tone.  Some of these things can be done by playing MIDI files, from outside sources, that have control messages embedded in them. These will normally be cleared by a factory reset.  If you do not have any transposed User Tones, or have not been playing any MIDI files other than your own, and the factory reset did not immediately resolve the problem, then the pitchbend wheel is my prime suspect.  Try moving it to its upper limit and letting it snap back to its zero position. Play a tone to see if its pitch is normal.  Now repeat with moving the wheel to its lower limit.  Then, gently try to move the wheel from side to side at its zero position as you play a tone to see if its tuning becomes erratic.  A defective wheel will need to be replaced by a service center, but in the meantime, you can try setting its bend range to 00 with the Function menu.  See "Bend Range" under "Function Menu Settings" in the right hand column of Page 131 of the manual.


Good luck !



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Thank you for the info tnicoson, it was very helpful. The issue seemed to resolve itself, although at first it did sound like there was a very slight pitch bend in the tone for a few seconds before it completely righted itself. If I have the same issue again, I'll know where to look first! Thank you.

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