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Dumb question, I know, but I haven't been able to find this information in manual or online.

I have a WK-7600.  Sometimes, the auto-accompaniment (rhythm, chords accomp.) is too loud compared to the volume of the right hand playing.  Surely there is a simple volume switch somewhere?

Your advice will be much appreciated.

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Also ... when I bought the WK-7600 (on Ebay), I thought it was possible to add up to 100 new tones.  Now it seems I can only modify pre-existing tones.  Is that correct?

Again, my thanks.

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To adjust the overall Accompaniment Volume of the CTK-7000/7200 or WK-7500/7600:


Page 133 of the manual starts you out on the very last display page you need to do this,

but it does not tell you how to get to that page to begin with.  So:


Press the FUNCTION button to bring up Page-1 of the -Function- menu.

Press the RIGHT ARROW ( > ) button to go to Page-2 of the -Function- menu.

Use the UP/DOWN ARROW buttons to select the first item on the list ( Volume ). (It will probably already be selected.)

Press the ENTER button once to go to the next display page.

Use the UP/DOWN ARROW buttons to select the first item on this list ( AccompVol ). (It will probably already be selected.)

Use the DATA WHEEL or the + / - buttons to set the desired level.

Press the EXIT button twice to return to the home display screen.


Once you have the Accompaniment Volume adjusted to your taste, you can save that keyboard set up as a Registration (See Pages 66 and 67) for quick recall.  The WK-7600 will save up to 96 Registrations (16 Banks of 6 Registrations each).  Your other option is to use the MIXER Section, as described on Pages 36 to 43, to adjust the levels of the individual Parts of a Pre-set Rhythm and then save it as a User Rhythm.  The WK-7600 will save up to 100 User Rhythms.


You can edit Pre-set Tones yourself and save the results as User Tones (up to 100), or import User Tones created by others, as ".TN7" User Tone Files, but to my knowledge, no one, including Casio, has made User Tones commercially available.  There is a small selection of member contributed User Tones available in the Downloads section of this forum:




However, User Tones are nothing more than a set of Parameters for shaping the Wave Samples that the WK-7600 has onboard.  For instance, the WK-7600 has several piano wave sample sets, and you can use the Tone Editor to create piano tones to your heart's content, but if you wanted to create a dobro or didjeridu tone, you would not be able to do that, as the WK-7600 has neither a dobro nor a didjeridu wave sample, and it has no means of importing wave samples.  Keyboards that can import wave samples typically run twice the price of the WK-7600 and more.



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