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Adding Functions to the Foot Pedal

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I discovered this technique while looking for a way to switch between two Performances using the optional foot pedal. I never did find a way to do that (in a usable manner) but there are plenty of other applications for this technique. It should work on both the XW-P1 and the XW-G1.

The idea is based on the foot pedal’s ability to start the step sequencer. It also depends on the ability of a step-sequencer pattern to address each of its control tracks to a knob and on the ability to assign a particular NRPN command to a knob in a Performance. Rather than describe it all here, since the explanation is a little complicated I will direct interested readers to section 5.2.3 of The XW-P1 Companion, Volume 1 (Rev 4 or later). If this seems like a transparent attempt to get you to download and actually read The XW-P1 Companion you’re just imagining things! :P 

As a further service to XW users I have posted a very simple example in the Downloads section (here). It uses the foot pedal merely to switch between tones in two zones. Think of it as a template that you can copy and modify to do something far more useful.


PS. Here's a challenge. Try out the example and see if you can figure out how it works without reading the document. If you do, let me know! 

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Ha. Almost forty views of this thread and no one has downloaded the example. Either no one is interested or you all know how to do it already. Let me quote myself from The XW-P1 Companion, Volume 1:




The possible applications are numerous, especially given that two parameters can be changed at the same time. As just a few examples you can

  • change filter and/or envelope parameters,

  • change the relative volume levels between

    • complete tones in two zones, or

    • two oscillators in a solo-synth tone, or

    • two layers in a Hex Layer tone, or

    • two of the drawbars in a drawbar-organ tone,

  • turn a DSP effect on or off,

  • change effect parameters (e.g., the reverb amount or the “Brake” parameter of the Rotary Speaker effect),

  • change the pitch-bend sensitivity, or

  • change the tempo.

Another application is to switch which tones are audible. This can be done by using two knobs both programmed to output the Part Enable NRPN message. In each of the patterns one of the knobs enables zones whose tones are to be heard while at the same time the other knob disables zones whose tones are to be silent. Which zones are heard and which are silent are determined by whether the knobs are "On" or "Off" for a given zone in a Performance.



The last mentioned application is the one used in the posted example. You can easily modify it to select any combination of the zones on alternate presses of the foot pedal. A little more work will implement any of the other listed applications.

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4 hours ago, AlenK said:

Almost forty views of this thread and no one has downloaded the example.


I must confess that I am reading the thread without downloading the example. But I dont have a foot pedal. :(

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