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NEED DRIVER for my LK 94/95 keyboard. (not compatible with my windows 10 apparently and I want to use this keyboard as an MIDI)

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I need a driver for my LK 94/95 keyboard.  I don't have the disk (bought this thing a long time ago).  SO i plug it in and want to use it for electronic music and I can't, because apparently  not compatible with windows 10 which I have.  ANy suggestions or know how of how to get this this thing to work with my windows 10 computer?  THank you for any and all help

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Some Win-10 users have had luck using the Win-7/8 64-bit driver with their older, non "Class Compliant" Casio boards that need specific drivers.  There don't seem to be any guarantees with Win-10.  Success appears to be somewhat dependent upon what hardware the Win-10 is running on.  If it doesn't work for you, you can just un-install it, but it has fairly broad compatibility, as I have been using it for several years to connect my old WK-3800 to my Vista-64 PC, even though Casio's specs still list that as "incompatible".


You can download it from here:




If you can get the driver to work, you can download the SMF Converter mentioned on Page 48 of the manual from here:




USE the "Batch download" link - NOT the "Download in parts" link. (Here again, no guarantees with Win-10.)


Oh!  If you need a manual, you can download a PDF copy from here:




Good luck!


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