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Privia 560

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Hi all, I am a newbie to this form.

I am very interested in the PRIVIA 560, it looks like a very interesting keyboard with some very good features. 

Question, can I create my own drum patterns from scratch and save them to a new folder. I have  viewed a lot of Youtube videos and I'd like to see one on making my own bass and drum backing patterns and how they work.




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Hi Frank and welcome to the forums. You can't create rhythms from scratch, but you can edit the presets and save them as a user rhythm. 

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Hi Scott and Frank! I'm also a newbie to the 560. Is there anywhere I can find better drum patterns, (eg the "big band" drum pattern is pretty ordinary, as are a few of the others, I have to manually speed the up to a proper rhythm live! 

Also, I use midi files via USB and save them to the Kb with my alterations. Where would you suggest I look for good midis for this Kb. Some I bought from band tray, some from hit trax etc...and I have converted them. Some work well but I am not a programmer, so when them drum sounds a bit "cardboardy", I have no idea how you change it,

LOVE the Kb love the weighted keys and all the stuff it does etc..,these maybe just tweaks.

i turned off the speakers so I can at least give it more guts through my PA.


sorry about all the questions.

cheers from over the pond!

lyn :) 

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