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There is no actual LCD Display "brightness" control, but there is a "Contrast" setting available through the "Function" menu as covered in the next to last item of the right hand column on Page E99 of the manual, but it may not be of much help to you.  This is a common problem with most keyboards under bright stage lights or in bright daylight in outdoor venues, so many players take to fashening their own "visors" out of various materials (plastic, aluminum, cardboard, etc) and fastening them at a (hopefully) useable and (hopefully) effective angle over the display panel with masking or duct or double adhesive tape or Velcro.   It is not unusual for those keyboards that do have display birghtness controls to experience early display and/or power supply failures when the displays are run continuously at full brightness.  This makes a good case for relegating as much of your set-ups as possible to Registrations, in order to keep the number of "on-stage" button presses to an absolute minimum - the idea being that the fewer the button presses, the less you need the display.





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