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Loops, Sequences, and Arpeggios. A couple of questions.

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Hi all,


I have a few questions that I have also asked in the G1 specific section. I have repeated some of those questions here minus the G1 specific issues, given that these ones also apply (to the best of my knowledge) to the P1 as well.


I have also endeavoured to find the answers to these questions in the forums, manuals and other member supplied documentation. I am therefore assuming that what I would like to do cannot be done, but I may as well ask anyway.


Arpeggio 'recording'.

  • I am unable to 'record' (for want of a better term) an arpeggio to a phrase or step sequence (each recording the primary keystroke only). Whilst I am stating this as if fact, I would like to know if either of these are perhaps possible and I am missing something. (Note 1)


Arpeggios in step sequences.

  • Is there any way of "triggering' an arpeggio in an automated fashion, rather than playing the keys directly. For example, via the step sequencer. The one thing I have not tried is assigning the note progression to a track pointing to to the primary part / zone with the arpeggio linked to the performance, which I guess may work BUT I had already allocated this to other song parts that I would be playing at the time. Whilst I realise I can trigger phrases via the step sequencer or multi function keys, as noted above, I cannot record the arpeggio to a phrase. 


Note 1. I am not at home with my keyboard at the current time so I cannot double check everything, however as I believe the arpeggiator does send midi (As stated elsewhere on the forum) I realise that I could establish the arpeggio sequence externally and program it in as a sequence (It is a 'variation type' arpeggio that I am using, so I can't save it as a user arpeggio and look at the pattern that way). Despite this being a possible solution, I would still like to clarify my original question in this regard.


Thanks for your time. And any answers / clarifications appreciated.




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